Yo-chi the fresh Yogurt Kings

I don’t know about you, but I’m of the mindset that when my sweet tooth gets the tingle, It’s like an internal call from the Chief Commissioners Bat Signal alerting me of my insatiable need,for all things sweet,this I cannot disobey. Immediately out comes the phone so I can converse with my trusty “Zomato” app, then I zero-in on the closest, high Yo-chi dessert bars ūüėÄ

But tonight we were preemptively invited, to the awe inspiring land of yogurt! brought to you by “Yo-Chi” the frozen¬†yogurt specialist,inline with the launch of there new Yo-chi app. The night promises to be filled with create n make session’s and we will hopefully find out and share the secret of the perfect swirl just don’t tell anyone coz it really is a secret:P

At first glance Yo-chi walks through familiar territory which does appear similar to other eatery’s of the “yo-gurr” ilk, but with deeper investigation you will realize there is more here than meets the eye.What in particular caught my eye was how the Modern yogurt dispensers blended together perfectly amidst the subtle wood tones and soft diffusing light. This gave us, the patron an open air feeling of¬† freedom whilst still maintaining a cozy secure fit, seldom encountered in other open plan fitouts.Whilst impressing upon me a fresh clean feeling that gently caressed natures cheek next to mine for that¬†homely snuggle.



We were given a nice introduction to the Yo-chi history by the Operations Manager¬†who spoke of the reasons why they started this particular range of food and how they believed their product is¬†superior leading the way with non-dairy vegan and gluten free options –¬†the choice to use¬†raw sugar over artificial sweeteners is catered for the needs¬†of the¬†health conscious consumer,¬†since then the¬†competitors have¬†also taken a page from Yo-Chi’s book, with the use of the sweet stuff.Next we were introduced to the¬†beautiful¬†Millie Lowndes,¬†Yo-Chi‘s talented chef who told us of her personal food intolerance’s and how she “wanted to normalize going out for desserts for everyone”¬†using natural gluten & dairy free products in her¬† Yo-chi yogurt recipes

The App.

The app this is new ground for Yo-chi and has been in the pipe line for a while, and what we are given is a simple smart looking app powered by Zomato which imparts information such the latest news & promotions as well as locations, hrs of operation, menus as well as cool photos from Yo-chi customers also a cool little booking function.Sooo App your way to happy ūüôā

Apple Store Yo-chi app

Google Playstore Yo-chi app

The Construction.

What you can expect is a varied selection of flavors including  Mixed berry, Chocolate, Green Tea, Mango.My favorite was 

Blossom Magic Made from Persian Rose Water

First thing you need to acquire is the skill of “Yoag-art” swirlin.The machines themselves are quite intuitive being simple to operate, but mastering the swirl is an art of its own,swirl your way to joy.The next part in the operation is where your inner”Pro Hart” is unleashed, by the adding of toppings ranging from Nuts, Fruits and sauces and sweets

I particularly enjoyed the pink spheres of sustenance also know as Strawberry Fruit Pearls.

The Extra Stuff.

We were fortunate to witness Yo-chi‘s own Picasso at work designing a waffle and “Yoag-art”masterpiece! Which we hungrily devoured, pulling the pictures securely into our vision receptacles.

After meeting all the crew of “bloggaholics and bidding farewell to the many faces of Yo-chi ,we left with a new found respect for the frozen archetypes of food.To make sure we slept well,with Yo-Chi in our dreams we received a thoughtful gift bag which consisted of¬†some great products.



Should you check out Yo-chi..Of coarse you should! and why wouldn’t you?Rise up to the call of your own inner Bat Signal!A decision you wont soon regret.

P.s¬† Did we learnt the swirl …hmm kind of ūüėÄ well I think we will need a little more practice:p




Yo-Chi Frozen Yogurt


Yo-Chi Frozen Yogurt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Yo-Chi Frozen Yogurt

194 Faraday Street


Melbourne 3000


Melbourneyum.com attended yo chi carlton #zomatomeetup as a guest of zomato and  Yo-chi all opinions are honest and true and are based from our own experience.

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