Here is the low down on a new food delivery company called “Tucker Street”,this concept is not new but the brand and menu choices are.“Tucker Street”delivers each week,food creation kits featuring a collaboration with an iconic local cafe,restaurant or chef.Giving you, the stand in cook an opportunity to explore the meals that made our scene the success it is today all from the comfort of your home. was presented the chance to road test this service for themselves here is what
went on…

9:00am Sunday morning.Dewdrops form across the many windowed surfaces fronting our household, the morning paper hits the front door followed shortly by the bicycle bell of the local paperboy.Awoken we wriggle deeper into the warm recesses of the doona, pleading with the sun to take back it’s unwanted gift of light,begging for sanctuary in land of nod.
At this time a knock began resonating from the front door finding its way to our ears.Who could it be? …TUCKER ST DELIVERY !

There are three choices to choose from when ordering from “Tucker Street ,The Barry(3 meat based recipes) The Stevie(A medley of veggie seafood and meat recipes)The Finn(3 Fish based recipes)featuring different collaborators each week.We choose the Finn because of our pescaterian lifestyle.Each box cost $90.00AU and contains 3 meals/recipes for 2 people with free delivery.

When you first get the box and open it you will receive the following items ;3 recipe cards and most importantly the ingredients.The non refrigerated Ingredients are each segregated by recipe ,in recyclable environmentally friendly brown paper bags.For the refrigerated ingredients a silver insulation sleeve was used to keep contents from perishing.The ingredients are all locally sourced organic and healthy for you.The packaging is simple and the branding is sufficient for advertising needs.

This was fairly straight forward for the most part but when I came across certain items ,(I’m looking at you pomegranate)I found it a bit beyond my patience level to de-seed and prepare,dying half my kitchen red in the process.I wish it had already been pre-prepared for me.It was a little more time consuming than I would have hoped for,I found this to be common when preparing each dish.

The meals tasted really good and easily serve two people.But my plating skills suck so I need to work on that:D.


Locally sourced produce.
Environmentally conscious packaging.

Collaborations with iconic Melbourne chefs, cafes restaurants.

Great tasting cafe quality food.


Degree of cooking skill needed.
Time consuming.


I’m going to tell you how I feel about the product and who I believe it appears to be tuned towards.For a start you must have the time to prep and cook these dishes especially if you’re cooking level is not that of a cafe chef.I feel it needs to be simplified in places for added convenience.
In regards to the quality, it is of a high standard and you know it’s good for you!I feel this food is ideal for those wanting to bond over the activity of cooking.Another situation this can work,is making it for that “special occasion” maybe a friend or lover or even visiting relatives.

Use our promo code  “MELBYUMTUCKER40” for $40.00 off your first box purchase.



@Melbourneyum  received tucker st Finn box as a gift from “Tucker St” all opinions are honest and true and are based from our own experience.


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