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Sunday brunching is a favourite Melbourne pastime.
I woke up this particular Sunday with a hankering for Top Paddocks blueberry and ricotta hotcakes,and my mum always told me to listen to my body,and you can’t argue with that reasoning.
Melbourne smiled on me with warm sunshine as we arrived at 9:00am and where asked if we were OK with communal seating.

I’d eat those hotcakes in a dark alleyway so I agreed,hunger wins.On Our previous visits the wait times were about 30 mins and this cafe is always packed and today was not a exception.

The location is on Church St in Richmond amongst all the furniture shops ,one of my favorite shopping strips. This café has many appealing attributes,from a well thought out menu to beautiful timber & white tiles interior that gives off an open airy feel, while you feast together with all the other trend setters and go getters .

All the dishes here are beautifully presented and taste delicious.

Top Paddock Interior

You can not go wrong with whatever you choose on the menu with both a good selection of sweet and savoury dishes.
Top Paddock most famous and instagramed dish is of course the hotcakes if you live in Melbourne or have guests this is a must have dish.
The top paddock team also run Two Birds One Stone & The kettle Black

I gave into my craving with the blueberry & ricotta hotcake w Berries
organic maple,seeds and double cream
This is one large hotcake and I’ve ordered this before but it’s so pretty, you take the first bite and its bliss the berries and the crispy hotcake mixed with double cream & maple syrup really make this the ultimate breakfast dessert.Im salivating just writing this!

  Blueberry & Ricotta Hotcakes

 Blueberry & Ricotta Hotcakes Top Paddock

If you looking for a more healthier savoury option the chilli scrambled eggs with local seasonal mushrooms and feta on toast is a great option with just the right combination of ingredients.Mushrooms on point.

    Chilli Scrambled Eggs &  Seasonal Mushrooms

Chilli Scrambled Eggs & Seasonal Mushrooms Top Paddock

For those looking for a more traditional breakky the eggs benedict with poached eggs and hamhock and bernaise on toast will find this dish delish.Hamhock literally is full of flavour and the sauce is so light and airy.You can tell the quality of the ingredients and thought that has been put into this dish

Eggs Benedict with Poached Eggs

Eggs Benedict with Poached Eggs Top Paddock


At The Kettle black you can get the hotcakes and similar dishes as well

When you go to leave you must check out the patisserie display they stock Dougboys Doughnuts and other assorted goodies.

Dougboys Doughnuts and other assorted treats

 Dougboys Doughnuts and other assorted treats Top Paddock

After all that delicious food you might want to have a stroll/run around melbourne’s iconic “Tan Track” around the botanical gardens.

The Tan Running Trail

The Tan Running Trail
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Top Paddock

658 Church Street

Richmond Melb


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