Jumpsuit at the Market

I arrived inside the clean morning light,a chic vagabond wayfarer whose senses were greeted with fine acoustic sounds.
Hidden within were many eager feet shuffling throughout the lane-ways.An ever persistent search for hope maybe discovering that rare trinket and sapid morsel.

Victoria Market Jumpsuit Even the sightless can see the spectacle unfold, like a tangible braille for the mind. I closed my eyes,and began to translate the sounds from the micro-cosim around me.
And so the market begins….
Black Jumpsuit Green Chunky Scarf Street style
An amalgamation of food and music tossed into the throng of participants.Torn asunder by the rabid wolves.Which  further stimulates the staggering horde.An orgy of souls drunk on bargains, hungry for culture.
Green Scarf Black Jumpsuit
The young the old and destitute clamber towards the barking merchants mesmerized by the pipers flute.Fists raised clenched bulging bursting seams pushed to the limit, currency eager to escape the prison of their masters hand.
“Give us to the gods”
 Green Chunky Scarf Gucci Sunglasses  Green Chunky Scarf Gucci Sunglasses
Delight finds a home on the faces of the crowd,encasing them like a warm winter veil.
Green Scarf Gucci Sunglasses Black JumpsuitSteam and smoke attempts to capture the cold winter sun already betraying his intentions to escape westwards.
Gucci SunglassesGucci Glasses
Fresh cuts,hard cheese and flowing wine exposed for consumption.Long lines at the food stand….
Black Jumpsuit Gucci Sunglasses
Shoes,hats assorted goods fresh fruit,french fudge,wheels of cheese
Kimono Victoria MarketH&M Embroided Kimono
Old ladys huddle over newly found goods swooping down viciously pecking at the precious Gems then turning to take flight .Plastic trolley wheels bouncing wildly behind on the cobbled stones.The Market teases me she always has,the more she wants the more I give.Hunger never sated she is forever hungry.
Victoria Market Black Jumpsuit

The quarter has it all





  1. Your poetry is just lovely! I really enjoyed reading through it. Also, you look so beautiful in these editorial photos. I love how you’ve done your hair.

    xx, Maryam

  2. First of all, I want to say, GIRL you are definitely the most stylish girl in the Queen Victoria Market. Love that kimono, it’s so pretty and totally fits in the market theme and the colour pops!! Secondly, I just want to express how impressed I am with your beautiful poetry. Such a talented girl!! I’ve in Melbourne for Christmas again this year to visit my parents. Can’t wait to catch up with you for a coffee =), maybe in the market =P

    xx, Jessie

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Thanks so much Jessie,your so sweet!
      I’d love to catch up with you x

  3. That’s such a unique format for a post! Your writing is so passionate and strong – I totally felt, smelled, and tasted every single detail you described. They say that’s what real writers do – they help you to feel the exact way they feel – and you did exactly that! Thanks for writing such a beautiful piece!

  4. Dear Natalia,
    To tell the truth, I’m obsessing over your poetry. That’s so inspiring, keep it up. Though the font is very beautiful, it’s a little hard to read. As a non-native English speaker, I got used to more simple fonts.
    As always I’m impressed with your classy and chic style. That Eb&ive jumpsuit paired with velvet shoes and a knit scarf is amazing! Also, I’m in love with your cat-eye sunnies – they complete the look perfectly. Can’t wait for your next post with poetry to read!


  5. the luxe edition Reply

    Such a talented poetess. Love the words, accompanied by the gorgeous photography. You have taken us on a journey through the market, and it feels like I’m there.
    Love the cosy chunky knit too!

  6. This is literally one of my favorite posts that you’ve done. It evokes so much feeling. I feel like I’m going along in this journey with you as you walk through the market exploring and observing. Amazing. And I love the jumper

  7. Aww I’m literally lost of words. It’s just an amazing way to create the proper atmosphere for such a lovely outfit. It’s like oriental bazaar! And this embroidered caftan is the best part of it! Love the idea.

    Cheers, Eliza | http://www.fashion-confession.com

  8. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    The poet was Amazing Girl and your Look just Woow:)
    That Jumpsuit is Gorgeous:) I am in Love:)
    And the Knit Scarf … how cosy and Sweet Look:)
    This was Amazing Post with the Poet:)
    Wish you Happy Week
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  9. This post is so incredible, I like how you mixed pictures and poetry, so inspiring!
    All this look is so chic and stylish. The black jumpsuit, all the details: scarf, earrings, sunglasses, kimono – create the effortless look of beautiful and strong women.


  10. Oh girl, this post is so beautiful and lyrical. You have amazing way with words to craft this visually beautiful post into poetry. The rustic images are so pretty and I love the vibes of the bustling market. The scarf and embroidered kimono really puts the finishing touches to this post. You look amazing.

    xo Sheree

  11. What a post!!! You are one creative, talented lady!! And you clearly have fabulous style. I love your kimono in the second outfit. I will def be keeping an eye out for your next instalment. Thanks for sharing. J. x

  12. Your writing is so beautiful and poetic babe- you certainly have a talent! The photos are like stills from a motion picture too- so cinematic and captivating. I am loving your beautiful jacket- those flowers on it are so detailed and pretty

    Rachel xx

  13. What a beautiful way to walked into your post! I love poetry so much, I used to write tons of it for days and nights. Especially when I was in love, lol. You have definitely inspired me to do a creative post like this, babe. Love all the imagery and everything you are wearing. Great choices in styling and colors!!! Thanks for sharing inspiration and lovely content!

    Happy Tuesday! xx. Gina

  14. LOVEEE this post babe so many beautiful words in this post and so inspiring too. Specially in the order by looking at these pictures. Honestly I can see this entire post in a magazine its very editorial for a travel, lifestyle magazine. Love the beautiful jumpsuit and kimono too.!!! You look absolutely gorges in all the pictures.


  15. Just beautiful. Love the editorial feel to this post. The jumpsuit is amazing and I’m obsessing over that embroidered kimono. And your poetry is so lovely. I agree with Diana that the font is a little hard to read but it does lend to the artistic air to the piece. Can’t wait to see more like this!

  16. Black color so suits you! I love how your blog looks now, but it is a bit hard to read, takes longer time for my bad eyes. Very beautifully written that gives an idea to your editorial photo shoot! I love how green scarf combines nicely with your outfit.


  17. Are you a poet girl? If not, you certainly need to be! There’s something about your writing that makes me feel like I’m there while these pics were taken. You have to also tell me where you got that kimono. That embroidery is right on trend and just pops against that all black look!


    • melbourneyum Reply

      Thanks Candace
      Your lovely words mean a lot
      It’s from H&M!! It was a limited edition release and when I saw it I had to have it!!

  18. Wow, I am so impressed by your beautiful poetry. Your words paint such a vivid picture of the market and I can see it all as you describe the scene. I had no idea that you were such a poet and I love that you surprised us with this. The jumpsuit is amazing and the drama of the knit scarf and the kimono in the photos really emphasizes the market even more. Thanks for sharing this incredible experience and market and taking us there with you. xoxo, Christine

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Thankyou Christine
      I really appreciate your kind words.
      Hope your having a lovely week.

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