These Boots are Made for Walking

Duo Boots UK Black Knee High Boots

Whilst we are in the the midst of yet another Melbourne winter, the mainstay of any fashionistas wardrobe is a pair of comfortable heavy duty boots.I personally love thigh high boots with a heel or a good pair of ankle boots, but unless I desire to become a crippled leper my feet prefer comfort over functionality .

Tassel Black Shawl

Tassel Black Shawl

This season the Black Leather DEMETER knee-high biker boots have been assimilated into my collection, from the awesome footwear company DUO BOOTS . The company was established in the 70’s and soon gained notoriety through being of a high standard of  craftsmanship.The company itself was a merge of two fashion retailers(Ted & Muffy Maltby) hence the name Duo Boots.

Tassel Black Shawl Black Slip Dress

The Heritage Collection

Every girl needs a pair of kick arse biker boots for her collection.DuoBoots has launched their Heritage collection inspired from the original curators/founders and what they have come up with is a collection of styles which defy time in and of itself.And what particularly stands out to me is the amazing craftsmanship .There is nothing more satisfying than tailor made garments that encase my body like a second skin .

Tassel Black Shawl Black Slip Dress

I’ve bought boots online in the past only to find the product was ill fitting and wayyy to big especially around the calf sporting a huge leather bulge of emptiness.They looked enormous who were these made for? a drug runner or a secret agent?  Strange looking or not they did not fit well.Duo Boots have done away with the prehistoric way of shopping and have since revamped the way we do it with an interactive shopping experience unlike any other.

boots were made for walking

Duo Boots come in many different styles and colors including Flats ,Heels ,Block Heels ,Thigh highs and All Rounders .Material choices are Leather ,Felt ,Nubuck and Suede .The step by step fitting guide(video option) and a printable measuring tape which will assure a correct sized boot .


UK based Duo boots also offer a free delivery service to Australia (within 7 days) and a full refund or exchange policy within 10 days of purchase if you aren’t happy.Boots start from $330 AU which is very affordable for a high end boot.

Tassel Black Shawl Black Slip Dress

Leather Black Knee High Duo Boots


I want boots that are durable,comfortable and stylish and these English designed boots with European craftsmanship definitely fit the bill.The comfort experienced afforded me the ability to walk pain free and unbridled all day .The leather knee high kept me nice and warm holding the winter chill at bay. Dress options are endless you could team them with a sweater dress and you have a quick “go to” winter outfit that keeps you looking fierce yet warm which is something we all strive for this winter.

Blak ShawlSo Find your Fit and Stay warm my loves x


Duo Boots DEMETER c/o

Black basic slip dress Eb&ive c/o

This post is done in collaboration with Duo Boots. 



  1. I love a good sturdy pair of biker boots. I agree that comfort should be first and foremost, so it’s nice to know that you can find a great stylish pair that also keeps you comfy walking throughout the day! Great brand to discover!! Thanks!

  2. Girl you and I are on the same page about shoes! Looking good is great and all, but if we’re dying by the end of the day in pretty shoes, what’s the point? These Duo boots are an amazing alternative. They look so sturdy with the solid chunky heel and thick leather. They also look like they’d keep your feet & legs so warm too! It’s the best when brands merge style & functionality, and DEMETER has done that so well. I’m also so impressed with how much care they put into educating consumers on how to choose the best fit & style. That’s a gold star in my book for customer service! Finally, I also love how you styled them with the feminine slip dress and crochet knit sweater- balancing out the badass boots with that feminine touch up top, genius! Thanks for sharing such a chic look and such an awesome shoe brand!

    xo Soo |

  3. I’m always forgetting that you’re having winter right now. I have a couple of friends in Australia and it’s always so confusing, when it comes to the weather. Although I’ve never heard of DUO BOOTS, but I love the story behind the brand and they look rather solid. Definitely a great investment.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  4. These biker boots def kick ass and I love how you styled it with a gypsie styled dress throw. I love a good pair of boots, but a lot of times, they are either too high, or they aren’t comfortable for long walks and these Duo boots are amazing that you can wear all day long! It is great for a career woman as well as a casual style lover.

    ~ xo Sheree

  5. Love this beautiful photos of you and of course this cool DuoBoots shoes.
    I am big fan whatever is comfortable. I used to wear heels but lately, I am all about comfort.
    I think they would be great for Tbilisi winter season, thanks for share!

  6. Oh wow! I’m glad you found a comfy pair of boots that enables you to literally conquer the world in them! I look for comfort in shoes and hence I end up wearing sneakers of flats. I will definitely consider getting a pair of boots if I were to visit colder countries 😉 Thanks for sharing hun!

    xoxo, Aldora | Aldora Muses – A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  7. I love a good biker boot! They’re seriously the best and you can wear them all year round (at least I would). The quality looks amazing and I love what you paired it with!! I’m going to look into them this fall since I literally cannot own too many boots. Seriously it’s kind of an obsession haha

  8. Hey Dear,
    How you?
    Need your Boots, looks sooo Comfortable and love how you styled:) That Black Dress is Gorgeous:)
    I prefer comfortable boots and Yours Loooks really Comfy:)
    Your photos Are Beautiful:)
    Wish you Amazing Day
    Love Open Kloset By Karina

  9. Totally agree! We all need a pair of comfy biker boots and they are not always as cute as these ones!
    Definitely checking out this collection! I need to get ready for Winter here in Chicago!
    Also and as usual, love your photos girl! 🙂

  10. I love comfortable boots! It makes such a significant difference when you have comfortable shoes. My back will be less sore, my body will be less tired and often I will be in better moods. It’s very hard to find a pair that can fit you comfortably for a whole time. Durability is also quite important for places have weathers like Melbourne. You just never know when it’s gonna rain. Love how you styled the boots with a black slip on to give the outfit a softer touch! Love it.

    Xx, Jessie

  11. It’s still so hard for me to imagine winter when we’re in the middle of summer heats, but that’s the charm of having friends all across the globe that we get to experience each other’s seasons, not to mention events in life. I truly love the English craftsmanship behind these DuoBoots and considering the heel I’m thinking you’d be dead after walking around in those for a whole day, but instead they’re like a second skin. Not only are they beautiful, but made for actual use and that’s like best of both worlds. Combine that with a stunning outfit and you’ve got yourself a killer look! Great job!
    Thomas xx

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