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How I found Sweet Petite – Vegan Mixes

If you a regular follower on my Melbourneyum Instagram you would know I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man, but it wasn’t until my foray in the states that I fell in love with sweet flavored popcorn omg! With so many varieties on hand my first choice was a dark chocolate & caramel popcorn ,this single moment, changed me for the rest of my life!

Initially Sweet flavored popcorn wasn’t really taking off  in Australia, but in the recent years I’ve seen it become more and more popular.

I was delighted try Kelly’s  Sweet Petite Creations line of salted caramel popcorn to try, a really fun and flavorsome product,it took no time to gobble down these little golden nuggets of joy 🙂

I also tried .. Sweet Petite Creations “Vegan Mixes”, Banana Peanut Brownie,  Raspberry Zucchini Brownie, gourmet baking mixes that allow you to make delicious treats at home.

Kelly’s “vegan mixes” are great! Add a couple of ingredients like banana or zucchinis and you have a delicious dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, easy to make for when unexpected guests drop in or even take them on holiday with you.

I asked Kelly about her Melbourne based dessert business Sweet Petite Creations and you can read her answers below..

How did you get started?

It all started 5 years ago when the company I worked for had a weekly “Bake Off”. I was a rep on the road and this bake off was typically just for the office staff. So I decided to start baking my own desserts for the sales team and bring this in when we had team meetings. A couple of the other sales staff joined in and we made it a weekly event. I really enjoyed this part of the week (mainly because I have enjoyed baking since I was in high school) and it made me realise that baking is what I’m passionate about. With all the support from my family and friends, in 2013 I started Sweet Petite Creations!

What made you decide to start a vegan dessert line?

I have recently become a vegetarian after I was heavily influenced by a close friend of mine who is vegan. When my friends and I would get together, I would always make a dessert that my vegan friend could eat with us. So I started experimenting with different ingredients that would create vegan desserts which the non vegan dessert lovers could enjoy just as much as their regular desserts made with eggs and dairy.

I first started out making vegan cupcakes and cookie sandwiches, and then started experimenting with brownies. I developed a raspberry zucchini brownie and then a banana peanut brownie which I personally could not get enough of!  So, I wanted to share my love for these brownies with all the dessert lovers out there, by creating an easy yet gourmet baking mix.

I really love creating recipes for the dessert lover in mind, and these Vegan Mixes are no exception. I wanted all dessert lovers, whether they are vegan, non vegan or have intolerances to eggs or dairy, to enjoy a bit of a guilty pleasure every now and then, but still knowing they are getting some of the best ingredients out there ie raw organic cacao, pure peanut butter and extra Virgin olive oil.

I want to share these Vegan Mixes with a vast range of people with dietary requirements so expanding the range will be inevitable.

What is your top selling product at sweet petite creations?

In the past 3 months it would have to be my lemon meringue tarts, s’mores slice, caramel popcorn and raspberry zucchini brownie – when I’m at markets, these fly of the shelf!! Cupcakes and macarons have always been a consistent popular item too – everyone loves cupcakes!

What is your favourite recipe?

My favourite recipe is my macaron recipe. It’s my favourite because it always produces my never fail, works every time macaron. I’ve had many failures starting out with macarons but this one has saved many tears and wasted almond meal but producing that perfect macaron.

You also create bespoke desserts for events what’s the most interesting creation you have made?

I once made a volley ball cake for a clients son who was part of the WA state volleyball team. Although this was not something too extra ordinary, it certainly was a first for me and I loved making it! It is a bright and colourful ball so it was fun to make.

I really love making bespoke desserts as it is exciting working with clients to  create desserts that suit the style and theme they have created for their event and it also adds a lot of variety to what I do each week, which makes these types of desserts very interesting

What advice would you have to young bakers starting out?

Be prepared for really long hours when starting out and have a clear plan on where you want to take your business. You don’t want to put in all that really hard effort without knowing which path you want your business to take. I also recommend doing small business course or speaking with a mentor who knows the in and outs of running a successful small business.

If you would like to buy Kelly’s delicious desserts or get a bespoke creation made check out the links below,

Mb: 0431 120 647
E: sweetpetitecreations@Mail.com
Fb: Facebook.com/sweetpetitecreations
IG: @sweetpetitecreations @vegan_mixes


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