Sun, Slips & Shades.


Top 3 summer essentials.

 Summer is here in full force, and I couldn’t be happier. We had a long cold winter in Melbourne and feeling the sun’s rays on my back is enough to brighten up my day.
Pearl oversized cross earrings Clear transparent heel boots Transparent heel boots

 1. Sunglasses .

A summer must have.With the hotter temperatures reaching close to 40 degrees my summer uniform will consist of a good pair of shades to block out those harmful rays, and a trendy pair always adds extra style Cred to your look.
Dusty pink slip dress summer outfit

 2. Stylish Hat.

A stylish large brimmed hat screams vacation mode and additionally stops you from getting sunburned.

Dusty pink slip dress summer outfit 3. Slip Dress.

A slinky slip is both comfortable and lightweight plus gives off those 90’s feels that I love so much.

Dusty pink slip dress summer outfitDusty pink slip dress summer outfit

To add an extra dimension to my look, I’ve added these transparent heel boots which I’m currently crushing on. They are perfect for mid temperature days, and surprisingly they are comfortable.
For my last Blog post for 2017, I want to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Dusty pink slip dress summer outfit
May you achieve all your hopes and dreams in 2018! Thank you for your support in 2017. See you all next year.
Satin black pumps glitter heels


Boots | NA-KD Fashion c/o Transparent heel boots
Slip | NA-KD Fashion c/o Dusty Pink Slip Dress
Hat | Two Baked Buns c/o Personalized Voyage Panama 
Sunglasses | Karen Walker similar style here


  1. I only wish I could wear a slip dress in there summer here. The humidity gets so high and as a result, I often sweat through my clothes and it’s so embarrassing! I do however rotate my hats throughout the summer since those are a must. They not only hide my hair on a bad hair day, but they shield my face from the sun, which is often unbearable in the Southern US. Great list babe!

  2. It is amazing how much an outfit can change by adding the right accessories. The sunnies and the earrings are my absolute favorites from this look!

    Happy 2018!



  3. Omg i love this whole outfit. Those booties are so cute. And I’ve been needing a new pair of shades for some time now. Definitely going to look into this

  4. Saw this outfit on your Insta and LOVED how you paired the slip dress with these clear open toe booties!! So chic and unexpected. The summer is def treating you well babe, as you got a gorgeous tan going. The statement cross earring is beautiful, I love the intricate design on it. Enjoy your summer!!

    xo Sheree

  5. Such a great summer quick off post babe!! I agree summer is almost coming and we all need to get prepared. Also agree that theres no summer without a hat, a great pair of sunglasses, and a slip dress. This entire outfit looks great on you. Love that slip dress color too.


  6. How was your Christmas beautiful?! I am sitting over hear super cold so I’m a bit envious of your warm weather pics! So you’ve included some of my favorite summer staples! I’m such a slip dress lover… quite honestly, if I wasn’t a style blogger and had to be diverse sometimes, I would only wear slip dresses every single day/minute. Comfy enough for bed right?! lol Also, I am such a statement earring girl! I don’t wear a lot of jewelry often but I usually always have on a pair of statement earrings! I feel like they make everything loo complete! Stunning as always! Happy New Year

    Manda |

  7. Love your essentials! I’m all about slip dresses right now too but here in NYC you have to layer them for the cold LOL. Your earrings are gorgeous – I love anything statement! And I have a sunglasses problem – I probably have 100 pairs and I still feel like I need more….

  8. That slip dress looks great on you, the color is beautiful. It makes the dress even more feminine and perfect to wear all year round.
    Those shoes add a chic and fun touch to your look and your sunglasses are great.

  9. I’ve always loved a good slip dress and this one is just so perfect!! It’s definitely slip dress weather and the sun is absolutely brutal these days that I can’t even go half an hour before retreating for shade!!

    Have an amazing Christmas break honey!

    H xx

  10. Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    Totally obsessed with your Full Look, The Earrings is my Favorite and that Boots, Need it:)
    Love the Sunnies too:)
    Sooo perfect Look Darling:)
    Happy Holidays:)
    Love, Kisses Karina

  11. It’s so funny that we have opposite weather and you are wearing slip dresses while we are wearing coats. This slip dress is such a pretty color and I love that you can wear it all year round. Sunnies and a chic hat like this are a must during summer. I live for sunglasses and definitely need to invest in a good hat to shield my face. Have a wonderful holiday season and keep on strutting in these fabulous heels! xoxo, Christine

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