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I came across Sophie’s artwork on Instagram and I loved how bright and colourful her designs were and her “low poly” style.

I noticed that she was really good at capturing animals and I’ve always wanted to immortalise my two beloved chihuahuas in print.
I contacted her to see if she was willing to do custom piece for me, she was more than happy to accommodate my request and asked me to send her pictures of my dogs.

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Soon the artworks were ready,I choose to collect them from her which worked out well as there there was a café in the area I wanted to check out too.

I was absolutely delighted with the work she had created, this beautiful personal art for my family that I could cherish forever.




Of course she doesn’t just paint dogs… her artistry is widely diverse and of very high quality. See her links at bottom of post for more of the amazing artworks she has made.

I had the pleasure of interviewing sophie and you can read her answers below.

How did you get started?

I originally trained as a Graphic Designer at Swinburne University, before returning to Melbourne University to complete a Masters of Teaching Visual Arts (Secondary). As an Art and Design teacher I am always itching to create my own artwork.

My bedroom was looking a little dull so I decided to create an artwork using a toucan as the subject matter (I’ve always been attracted to animals and nature, particularly birds). I created the artwork using Adobe Illustrator, had it printed in a large scale, and then framed and hung the artwork above my bed. Straight away I loved how the colours popped and the way it brightened up my living space.

I received lots of positive comments about the artwork so I continued to create designs using different subject matters for pleasure. I would frame them and give them as gifts to friends and family.

I started my Instagram ‘sophiedoesdesign’ as a way to document my designs (and to avoid over-posting and annoying my friends on my personal Instagram account!). It wasn’t until this point in time that I realised (low and behold) that my style had a name – ‘Low Poly’. As people started to like, share and follow my work I decided to start up my website for those people who wished to own one for themselves.

I have been really overwhelmed with the kind support people have shown me so far. It is wonderful to see people liking and commenting on my work as this motivates me to stick with it and keep riding the wave!

What inspires you?

Outside of work hours and creative down time I love to get away to the beach and go on holidays. As a very visual person, I can often notice things others don’t. I can notice small details such as colours, textures and small ‘insignificant’ details. My eyes feel as though they can flash around and soak in so much information in the matter of moments!

I am also a very active person who loves to walk and run in the outdoors. I feel very close to the environment and feel that it has so much beauty that can go unnoticed.

My pet dog, ‘Buddy’, is a champ! I love his humble but cheeky nature. Animals and their quirky personalities inspire me and I love the challenge of trying to capture this in an artwork.

Friends and family are my motivators. They offer me positive feedback, constructive criticism, and new ideas constantly.

What advice would you have to young artists starting out?

At this point in time I feel as though I am still on a very steep learning curve and would not consider myself an established artist, rather, someone who loves to create their work and enjoys the experience of being involved in the arts (and crafts) community.

My advice to artists starting out would be to enjoy what you do and take on any feedback or advice you receive. I think that the people around us are our most valuable resource. It helps to seek to talk to others and maintain your passion by practicing and keeping a strong link with what’s happening in the arts community.

What’s your favourite subject material?

As mentioned earlier, I have a real sense of passion and intimacy with the environment. This is mainly due to my love of the outdoors and appreciation of the beauty it offers. My artwork often uses subject matters taken from the environment, such as shells, flowers, and leaves.

I also love animals and their quirky personalities. I often wonder, if an animal could talk, what would they say and what they would be like. I think there are some beautiful animals in the world and I believe that on some kind of emotional level, people can connect with them. I think animals make a playful yet relaxing and beautiful subject matter.
What’s the most interesting custom work you have done?

I have loved working with a range of clients who have shared their personal love of certain things, such as their pets. It is a real honour and compliment to be able to work with people to create an artwork/s that they love and will treasure for years to come.

Recently, I really enjoyed working with a client who had ‘done up’ their holiday house on Lake Eildon. Due to the nature of the beautiful surroundings and the rich array of native Australian fauna and flora, it seemed fit to be create artworks to capture the beauty of the environment.

I created three artworks, ‘Gum Nuts’, ‘Waratah’, and ‘Kangaroo Paw’ all of which referenced the native Australian flora and fauna that were present in the area. I loved the process of researching and creating compositions that would work well together.

If you would like to buy Sophie’s amazing art or get a custom artwork done check out the links below,

InstaGram: sophiedoesdesign
FB: Sophie Does Design


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