Having my polish in laws down for the Easter holidays I know first and foremost how hard it is to be the Son In Law especially when it comes to taking care of their needs and continuously proving that I’m the right choice of man for there daughter.
Son in law’s name is derived from this semi jovial family heretical system of “You look after my daughter or your balls are in the fryer”.Lucky for me I’m not in constant fear of having my Egg Orbs boiled and deep fryed 😅
Located in Collingwood on Johnston St across the road from The Tote, Son In Law has been in action for roughly half a year now laying down the law with their modern take on Thai food.
Son In Law is modern Thai with all the hallmarks of traditional Thai cuisine, culturally some westerners find the variety of Thai ingredients too overwhelming or unusual which is sometimes unfortunate as we can miss some truly unique and beautiful tastes prepared only by the country’s locals.

When entering, immediately the interior emits a warm and cozy vibe with its large shop front window bathing your viewing area with Melbourne’s always active and interesting street life ,moving deeper towards the inner sanctum of the establishment I was equally impressed seeing that the art direction and overall aesthetic decor and colouring blended auspiciously together.

Next we have the outer portion where you’ll be greeted with beautiful lanterns adorning the roof making for a summer-esk celebratory effect.

Cute flower and plant decorations furbish the many tables and outdoor shelving, unfortunately I was a little confused with the seating arrangements as it appeared jumbled and slightly cluttered with no real definitive theme accruing.

Although the seating was adequate ,I had the feeling it may have been a last minute thought.


We were seated and greeted by one of the trio of co owners who set the standard for service by being prompt punctual and alert to all the customers needs this is a huge plus in my book, giving the patron an experience worth returning for.
We ordered a broad selection of food created by Tony and his capable cooking team,from Steamed Barramundi to all other assortments of succulent sea foods, fresh from ocean to plate.

I wielded my knife and fork with marksman like precision as I sliced my way through the many thai infused dishes with a satisfying “ting” each time the cutlery touched the plate .

The Barramundi left me in sheer amazement pondering the composition of the infused liquids married below a perfectly cooked fish forming a union of rich spicy juices giving you a well rounded broth.

The Battered Tiger Prawns had a nice mild batter that slowly rippled salt reflections onto our tongues, the texture of the prawns was pleasantly smooth with no obstacles for one’s mouth to navigate,each dish had a nice kick of spice which resonated well with my taste glands for a respectable amount of time.

I was happy to know that there were Vegan and Vego options available.

Dessert time!!

My body always goes through a metamorphosis each time I get to this stage of any meal and my third stomach opens its door for the heavenly indulgence to befall it. Enter the Marshmallow & Nutella Puff, a great crunchy morsel with smooth vanilla Ice cream lightly pandered with icing sugar including crushed peanut and berries Yummmbo!

The cocktail drinks were the PP Island Iced Tea and the Polish Star adding extra social lubricant to an enjoyable romantic night out.The drinks were mixed proportionately well having the right amount of shazam!During my dinner date I gazed off to the inner part of the complex to see seats had been quickly filled ,people from all walks of life,with the smiles and sounds of laughter permeating throughout,the mood was great.

At the end of the night I left feeling satisfied with the complete package telling myself why the dang haven’t I tried this amaze food before!

In conclusion son in law provide a great dining experience for the casual and hardcore food specimens alike .With the service being above the standard of some white tablecloth restaurants.Aside from minor things such as the outside decor choices and some tables not being cleared of plates(possibly because of high customer intake) I would definitely encourage you to drop by as for me I’d like to try some more of their treats in the future as this is a must for the proverbial notch on the foodies belt buckle.


Ph:(03) 9410 0399


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Son In Law

56 Johnston Street
Collingwood 3066

Brunch: Fri-Sat 12.00pm–4.30
Dinner: 7 days 5.30pm–11.30pm

Melbourneyum.com dined as guests of Son In Law All opinions are honest and true and are based our own experiences.


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