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The tragic call of the Siren, sending many a traveler to a watery grave leaving with them failed promises of pleasure and happiness, has come to an end giving way to the rebirth of a unique beach-side dining experience.


Rising up Through the ashes of the ill-fated “Sirens Restaurant”emerges “Shellys Beach Pavilion”a fresh approach on modern Australian fine dining, returning anew, under different management, modern fitout and a current menu its sure to intrigue a horde of foodaholic’s.

The name for the venue was chosen based on an original geographical location nearby.The fate of the previous “Sirens” branded venue with its Iconic lighthouse tower and beach side location was sealed in 1996 due to financial issues.Now fast forward almost 20 years ,where business owners converge with a concept which will bring life back to Williamstown’s esplanade, supplying the space with some much needed love, a life saving breath if you will.

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The venue still displays an externally proud nautical theme,with its hand carved seahorse fixtures;) and the prominent lighthouse turret, reminding me of the historic Shelly’s Beach Time Ball Tower built in 1850.

As we were Walked through I could see how there was potential,for holding functions,celebrations and events boasting enough space but also making for a private personalized experience with either wedding celebrations corporate events or whatever your heart desires, SBP is ideal in these situations.

Walking through the galley it was an amazing hive of activity I was drawn up into the explosive energy like a bee at a honey orgy. With so many delicious looking meals I started to consider opting for stomach enlargement.Humor aside though, I was impressed to say the least, but the real deal maker for me was knowing that all meals will be provided by their most capable cooking team, I’ve been keen to test their creations for sometime now.

After our tour of this interesting facility we were seated near a romantic beach view(it was valentine’s day after all)roses petals included πŸ™‚

We were presented the Valentine’s day menu


When it comes to seafood they have it nailed on all fronts ,we have all had our fair share of undercooked and overcooked seafood it’s no fun for anyone!Mouth wrestling calamari with the consistency of an old rubber boot.I was a happy human when I exposed my taste glands to the delicate seafood morsels that merely crumbled on impact with my tongue, letting me know whos the boss πŸ™‚


The specialty Dish of this restaurant IMO is the Atlantic salmon or the chicken of the ocean as I like to call it.The texture was pure amazement sitting atop the mashed potato and surrounded by a vibrant green field of Pea Volute the tomato & basil with Spanish onion added a great deal without taxing the valuable space necessary for dessert.


The Primevera Stack was gorgeously draped with scallions resting atop a selection of potatoes spinach and other herbaceous plants ,lightly fused with olive oil, basil & pine nuts.For the keen well to do vegetarian this is a good choice.


Dessert yes what can I say, I am the queen of desserts I went with the trio of desserts because one is not enough :p.

Mousse Cake with Icecream

The center stage star was the Panacotta, creamy and delectable are words that neither hold a candle nor respect the true qualities presently provided by this fantastic dessert ,I found the added honey comb placed another dimension to the flavor meld.

Vanilla Panna Cotta w/ fresh strawberries & honeycomb

Which lead me to the next iteration of my sweet treat fantasy the sticky date pudding with its rich caramel sauce and thick creamy ice cream, and yes it soothed my savage beast! I’d highly recommend you try this as I myself really enjoyed consuming it.

Sticky Date Pudding w/ vanilla bean ice cream & butter scotch sauce

During the course of the night I made my way towards the outer parts of the establishment with my Mojito drink in hand.

The true magic of this hidden gem comes alive as the sun begins to kiss the ocean and the buzz of the night approaches.

The outside portions of SBP are litup with fairy lights pandering the many potted palms, the outdoor seating was simple and had a warm summer feel which encouraged further engagement for the moment.

I really felt at ease lounging outside on the cushions and I also had the chance to feel the sand playfully tickle my toes so close to the venue.

At the end of the night I had grown so comfortable in my surroundings that a felt a pang of sadness to have to leave, similar to the goodbyes exchanged between loved ones at the airport.The SBP team made us feel as though we were family and this feeling was also prevalent towards the other customers on the night.This is essential ,when the food has been eaten, it’s nice to take something away to keep forever, which tells me there is something special here (sigh) “happy memories”I can’t wait to go back again.

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Shelly’s Beach Pavilion

26 The Esplanade
Williamstown 3016
11am – late Mon to Fri
8:00am – late Sat
8:00am – late Sun dined as guests of Shelly’s Beach PavilionΒ All opinions are honest and true and are based our own experiences.

All photographic material released toΒ Shelly’s Beach PavilionΒ from Melbourneyum Photography.



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      The view is amazing and the meals we had were very much on point,I go past there nearly everyday and had never been until that point

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