Blush Pink Biker Jacket ,Frayed Hem Jeans

Serge de Nîmes

Denim or as the French like to say serge de Nîmes(Fabric from Nimes)has been around a heck of a long time and recently has found its way back into my heart.Sitting down I think of how I can articulate my feelings to paper and as I slowly mouth the word Denim my imagination arrives at the destination, a timeless 90s fashion gallery.Carefully I sift my way through the many images that I will use.From inspiration will come aspiration.The effort will afford me the greatest pleasure whilst creating my Denim look for the winter of 2017.

Frayed Denim Hem White Sneakers

We should all be very familiar with Denim by now. As it is a cornerstone of any fashionistas wardrobe.Its hard to believe its popularity exploded from a rivet reinforced work pant,designed for the working class man in 1873.Since then it has made an evolutionary metamorphosis,with many styles and patterns from stonewashed stretch and Raw form to name a few.

Black Handbag midrift Details


I grew up as a Gen-X,the best generation if you ask me.And during this time I was spoiled with the large amount of pop culture influences which wore Denim such as Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Layne Staley from Alice in Chains.

Layne Staley & Kurt Cobain Denim

This was not only a time of teen angst it was an aggressive rebellion against the fashion establishment,embracing the grit and the grime of the times.With the RAW emotion from society’s underbelly, living art. It was an underground movement that would wake up a sleeping world making a lasting impression forever.Yes these were the times that Denim stood out for me, fragments from my past I’ll fondly remember.

90s Style fashion

Black Chunky Boots

White Bee Sneakers

I have chosen to rock out a grungy ninety’s vibe.Ripped jeans with Frayed hems accompanied with a Blush Pink Suede Biker Jacket and Black chunky boots.Both Jacket and Jeans can be worn separately or together interchanging your footwear from Heavy Boot look to a soft Summer Embroidered Bee Sneaker. Base your decision on the weather and how you feel.I try to stay honest to the Twill Weave and tease the appearance with the less busy adornments such as Sculptural gold earrings and a Mesh choker.

Mesh Choker Nail Art pink biker jacket

Quote From inspiration will come aspiration

As you can tell from my shoot its no holds bared and I readily find myself in lust with the sleek tight fitting jeans with frayed hems.They are now my go to Denim when ever I’m in a pinch.

Chunky Black boots Ripped Jeans Pink Biker Jacket

Beauty Portait winged cats eye

Choosing a bag to match this 90’s ensemble is a breeze ,merely reaching out for the staple choice.Favoring a classic black handbag ,as the minimalism only adds to the powerful look.

Denim Westfield with Black Bag and Embroidered Bee

1.Epokhe Dylan Black Matte Glasses – General Pants

2.Mesh Choker NL – Colette

3.Insane Black Boots – Lipstik Shoes

4.Denim jacket with Metallic Details – Zara

5.Kiss Band Denim Jacket – Zara

6.Jacket with Zips – Zara

7.The Classic Handbag – My Bag Shop

8.Rose Gold Ring Stack – Lovisa

9.Jeans with Frayed Hem – Zara

10.Twisted Metal Drop Earring – Colette

Pink Suede Moto Jacket Ripped Denim Jeans

Blush Pink Biker Jacket


Shop these items

Ripped jeans with Frayed hems

Sculptural Gold Earrings

Mesh choker necklace

Pink suede biker jacket

Embroidered bee sneakers

Lipstik Insane c/0-

Bag my own

Classic black handbag c/o-


So spoil yourself next time your at Westfield and test out some my winter season must haves!Denim love forever :)Natalia K

Au Revoir XXXX
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  1. It is weird, but you know I actually hate jeans for over 10 years, till I moved back to USA and seeing how American fashionistas wear denim all the time, I decided to wear it too. This fridge jeans look amazing and the definitely look amazing with boots. I need also get motto jacket.

  2. We grew up in the best of times now didn’t we? 😀 I’m in love with all these 90s pieces and the denim (and choker) in particular and recognize so much from my youth, my role models back then and now it’s back, but more refined. And denim sure has made an evolutionary trip for sure. Hard to imagine it used to be worker’s basics as a pair of denim can really frail nowadays and cost several thousands of dollars… Thank you for this nostalgia trip!!

  3. I love denim! you can never have enough pairs I say!! another great post babe I love the way you’ve the jeans especially those embroidered sneakers which are so on trend right now! Hope you’re having a great week babe XOWP

  4. I’m loving all of the inspirations here! You can never go wrong with denim, especially those jeans with frayed hem, they are all the rage right now and pretty much goes with anything from boots to sneakers to slides. That blush pink suede moto jacket looks so good, love the color.

    xo Sheree

  5. It’s crazy how far denim has come and the many ways we wear it! I remember as a kid sporting acid wash jeans! lol I love to dress up my denim or dress it down, it is truly one of the most universal articles of clothing out there. I absolutely love how you styled yours in this super chic grunge look!

  6. Yes yes and yes! Love this denim post! Denim has always been my go-to but loved reading the story behind it. Also obsessed with all of the deets in your pic; the pink jacket (so cute!), your manicure is amazing AND those embroidered sneaks! So good! xx

  7. Denim is one of those fabrics thats been around forever and I don’t think its ever going to go away. There’s so much you can do with it and right now, I am loving all the new denim trends including your fabulous jeans. You have such a great style. Also, I love your manicure, it’s so cool. You look amazing girl!

    xx, Maryam

  8. I find myself occasionally marveling at the tremendous evolution of denim as well! Isn’t it incredible how some items came into genesis simply out of need but grew to change a generation of peoples or pop culture in general? Denim is definitely one of these remarkable items. I love how you carefully chose every element, respecting each style and putting them together into such a cohesive look. The frayed hems are so big right now, and your jeans are the perfect example. I too find myself reaching for similar pairs as well. The pink suede jacket is the perfect touch. Pink is no longer for just the feminine Barbie lovers! It’s a chic way to add edgy feminine flair, which you demonstrated perfectly. The embroidered sneakers also add such an awesome detail. And I’m completely on the same page- a streamlined classic black bag is the perfect accessory to top off the look. You have truly perfected every aspect of this outfit! Thanks so much for sharing such an inspiration post!

    xo Soo |

  9. Great info about the denim babe!! Thanks for sharing. I been obsess with this look since you posted it on Instagram!! LOVE the fringe detail in the hem and also the bike jacket in pink is just perfect!!! Still very cool and chic look!! You look absolutely stunning in this look. Would love yo see how else can you style these jeans


  10. OMG girl what a post!
    You look stunning and love everything I learned about denim today thanks to you!
    Those jeans fit like a glove and I love how they look with the embroidery sneakers!
    Totally going to Zara this weekend to see if I can snag some of these beauties!

  11. I have a love hate relationship with denim where I go months at a time completely never wearing them. I think it’s because I wore them so much in high school, I completely switched for anything more free flowing and comfortable. But only recently I found myself coming back to wearing them again. I think you rock denim in any look! I’m a huge fan of that pink Zara jacket, i’ve been eyeing it and debating whether or not I should get one for myself but I guess you’ve convinced me!


  12. Hey Love ,
    How are you?
    Wow I didn’t knew nothing about the History of Denim:)
    Loved to read it, thank you:)))
    First that pink Jacket is Amazing on you:)
    And the Denim fits you soo Good:)
    Loved the Full Look
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  13. It’s funny – I was a young adult in the 90s so it’s funny for me to see all these looks back in play LOL. Your look totally takes me back! Love those Zara kicks – I have to see if they have them in the US right now. And how cute are your nails??!!

  14. Denim is my favourite weekend choice of fabric and never knew that it was actually used as a workwear in the earlier 1800s! From functional to fashionable, it is really amazing to see how it remains a popular Favourite all these years! I really love the pairing of pink jacket with the ripped denim for a twist of sweet and tough chic.
    Love ur pics and style!

  15. I used to be a grunge fan too when I was younger and jeans without a doubt was and still is a must have in your closet. That blush motto jacket looks so pretty on you! I love the frayed hems and you styled them amazing. My favourite would be with the embroidery sneakers. Now I want the same jeans, I would wear on daily basis too!
    Aurela xoxo

  16. Denim has been around a long time, since the 1870s actually, but I do agree that the 90s was the most iconic era for denim. I love how you showed us how to style the frayed jeans with 2 different shoe options. I’ve been wanting a pair like that for awhile, but wasn’t sure if it would go with all my shoes, but I think you convinced me otherwise. I love the blush moto jacket as well!

    Maggie S.

    • melbourneyum Reply

      This may be true but it only became popular from 1873 when Jacob w.Davis created the first pair of rivet reinforced denim pants which inevitably became popular amongst the labourers teamsters of the time.

  17. I had no clue about the history of denim! How intriguing that it came from working class men in 1873?! I saw these jeans on IG and instantly loved them! I always love things that are a bit different. Denim is THE staple and especially denim that you don’t immediately realize is denim upon first glance. I have a red denim skirt that fits that bill. I’m a millennial but I definitely grew up with the influences you mentioned above and especially since my parents were heavily involved in the music scene. I adore your pink suede jacket and your nails are super cute also!

    Manda |

  18. I definitely love that look, jeans looks great on you. I’m a big fan of grunge, vintage early 90s looks, and as a part of gen-x I’m totally with you!
    And those shoes are so on point here.

  19. OMG girl I obsessed with those jeans! And that pink jacket is everything. I love the frayed hem trend but never know how to rock it. You look amazing. Also loving those embroidered sneakers. They’re seriously so amazing!

  20. This faded pink jacket is such a gem! I love every single inch of it. I have several denim jackets, but I prefer to wearing leather ones, they are more my style. And I was so much into the grunge back then, so I understand everything you’re talking about. I’ve always been a rebellion and I’ve tried to be as bold as possible.
    I really liked the way you styled this look and OMG your mani is fantastic!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  21. Love the way you share this great casual and chic look, introduced by such a great information about denim. One of the best fabrics by far, that has been versatile and chic through the time. Love your jeans, the hems add a unique touch to them. The way you styled them is perfect, love it with the sneakers and your boots turn the entire look edgy and stylish.

    Have a nice day!

  22. A grungy 90s vibe is one of my go to looks! Maybe I’m a bit biased since I was born in the 90s 😉 I also have a pair of fringe denim, but they have no stretch and are so uncomfortable! I may have to snag the pair you’re wearing. I love how you paired yours with those sneakers. Such a unique combo 🙂

  23. Oh Natalia, you are so beautiful, the photos are very well done, nice to see ❤️

  24. Wow ! This is a completely fascinating recount of denim, with all the history and both the meaning and emotion that has come from this evolution! It truly took me back in time and made me smile. I really love the way you styled this frayed pair and the gorgeous pink jacket is absolutely flattering and perfect! Definitely great pieces to wear alone or together!

  25. I love denim and wear it literally everyday. If ever I can wear denim, I do. These jeans are fabulous and I love the frayed hems. They look amazing with those rugged boots as well as the casual sneakers. I love the embroidery on those sneakers – too darling. I also like how you softened the look with the blush moto jacket. Great looks! xoxo, Christine

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