San-Telmo Master Class!

Argentinian food isn’t something that I knew a whole lot about. That was until I waltzed into a Masterclass at San-Telmo.

A group of foodies gathered in for an afternoon of meet and greet. Running just shy of 3 hours, I was well educated with the many  cuts of meat the San Telmo crew had on offer. Pasture fed Gippsland cattle had been showcased in a drying compartment right from the moment you walk in. Inside the glass cabinet, my eyes spotted a bunch of Chorizo draped atop a huge cut of well marbled Wagu.

Flat bread, juicy Empinadas accompanied with salsa an Chimichurri prepared my pallet for what was to become a journey through Argentina!

A delicate and beautifully looking plate of White Fish Ceviche dressed with sweet potato, onion and pickled ginger appeared in front of us which resembled something you’d marry if you existed as sexy platter of Sashimi.

Generous portions of Chorizo were served to what I could only applaud to.

Crispy skin with a juicy mix of beef and pork went down a treat served with a deeply mellow, well decantered 2012 Pampa Malbec from the homeland. Wet your lips with this one!

The Parrilla Grill took center stage as we “wooed” and “wowed” at the sheer marvel of what we are told is a one of a kind exclusive to the Southern Hemisphere.

Taking into consideration of my recent interest in coal cooking and purchase of a “Jumbo Joe Weber”, I felt weak at the knees at the sight of the Argentine charcoal grill. The only comparison being that of looking at a beastly Godzilla, and frankly my Weber a tiny scared little mouse.

The next few dishes skeeted out onto share plates as the brilliant team of chefs gave me what I secretly came for.Dry perfectly cured meat, carefully aged using a technique that is synonymous with great meateries with the best quality of dried and humidified flesh.

Known as a butcher’s cut, a perfectly prepared,medium cooked Sirloin swam in its own juices and need not a thing more than another pour of Argentine Malbec.

Veggies somehow made an entrance plated all by themselves amongst the various cuts of meat.

How about charred carrots with hazelnut, thyme and garlic curd? Simply delicious, these guys know how to make simple taste great and let the produce speak for itself!

To top it all off, a traditional dish of creme caramel. Know as Flan, a little salted peanut praline balanced out a not so sweet dessert and somehow made room for one final drink…

Fernet and cola which is cola-mixed with a Jager tasting sort of alcohol.What a very pleasant way to end a marathon of wining and dining.
Thanks to Camila and the team for making this experience so memorable and exciting! One more


Ph: (03) 9650 5525



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San Telmo

14 Meyers Place

 CBD, Melbourne, 3000

7 days 12pm–Late

Written By Daniel Zuko for Edited and Photographed by dined as guests of San Telmo All opinions are honest and true and are based our own experiences.


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