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My favourite thing about Melbourne would have to be its unique graffiti covered laneways, they are hot real estate for some of the best cafes in Melbourne.

Rustica Canteen” opened in the CBD this year, alike it’s sister Cafe, “Rustica Canteen” is also instagram worthy with their beautifully delicious pastries, breakfast & desserts.It was about time for me to try-out their delicious breakfast menu followed up with a customary pastry.

Upon entering I was drawn to the lovely interior with white washed walls,greenery and the use of timber ,but then I saw the pastry cabinet…

Cronuts,croissants,eclairs they have it all plus great tasting artisan bread.

We were promptly seated and as it was a scorcher of a day I choose a refreshing juice by Finn cold pressed juices Golden sunrise which has turmeric and ginger which is a great natural anti-inflammatory as well as many other health benefits.

It’s impossible to be on a diet in Melbourne these days and today was no exception with all the amazing offerings this bakery/cafe had on offer.The cafe was nearly full on a Monday morning with plenty of melbournians enjoying their breakfasts 

My breakfast companion and I checked out the menu and there was a lot of choices everything sounded good especially the “Brioche Toast with Nutella”  Yumbow!

I felt like something sweet & light so I chose the Quinoa Coconut Cream Pudding ,and when it arrived it was almost too pretty to eat!

Quinoa coconut cream pudding,berries,toasted pistachio and cocoa dust.

Adorned with flowers,berries and scattered coconut it looked as good as it tasted,the texture and crunch of the pistachios with the creaminess of the Coconut made it taste fresh summery and light.I was told by my breakfast buddy that the highlight was the toasted bread portion of the Smashed Avocado dish, baked using traditional methods and fresh local produce.

Of course a trip to “Rustica Canteen” without tasting some of their pastries wouldn’t be right, so after much consideration I choose the “Ispahan croissant” which drew its inspiration from the “Pierre Herme” croissant creation.A creation which is made with rose scented almond paste,raspberry-lychee gelée,then glazed with rose icing and crunchy freeze dried raspberries. Words cannot do justice for these flaky layers of goodness so you must go out there and try them for yourself.

Being the festive season I also indulged myself with a fruit mince pie with its sweet buttery pastry and a rich fruity filling ,a truly festive affair..

With so many pastry choices, breakfast & brunch options plus a great location I can see this being a popular brunch spot.

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Rustica Canteen

33 Guildford Lane


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  1. Thay a soo nice food , if I well live in Melbourne for shore I be the

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