Monuments which stand the test of time are both looked at with sheer amazement and mouth dropping awe, India’s Taj Mahal,the Eiffel Tower of Paris the Sydney Opera House,all share a common link that they were made with passion and this passion defines the true nature of Pierrick Boyer proudly traversing the wilderness we call life armed with his mantra “Do what you do and do it well” Creating miniature monuments at RACV Le Petit Gateauto the proverbial pâtisserie gods.

Our pilgrimage on the road to understanding the mind of the man lead us today to the enigmatic Pierrick Boyer a rare breed of creature with which we all want to learn a little more of.Cutting the fat with pastry chef Pierrick Boyer we started off with some questions about his life and passions.

The Younger Years–

Growing up as a child Pierrick lived with his father a plumber at the time and his grandfather who was involved in the coal industry both playing an important role in his life ,these men were a big influence in sculpting Pierricks attitudes towards business and life.During this time Pierrick spoke of living beside a pastry shop a key ingredient which implanted itself into this child’s fertile mind, waiting for the perfect moment to burst through into the realm of reality.

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Living in France during the teenage years Pierrick had time to become an observer of his surroundings.One can admit to this form of learning through observation gives the viewer angles and insights not normally seen from within.

Through this age of information Pierrick engaged in typical youthful activities as well holding down a job socializing with friends and just having fun enjoying life.

Being a pastry chef naturally Pierrick has a sweet tooth for the white devil and has over time learnt”Everything!But everything in moderation “Doing what a lot of us have done in our younger years, creating a food pyramid from donuts burgers and fast food.”But one can only live like that for so long” says Pierrick and has since opted for a more balanced lifestyle.

Being owners of Chihuahuas we had to ask if Pierrick had any fur children of his own ,we quickly found out he has two, both with Hawaiian names Kekoa (Meaning Brave)and Lelemu(Meaning Lazy). They even have their own instagram accounts just for fun.Both are boys and from what we are told are very lovable and easy going. Sometimes Kekoa will let other doggies know if they are just a little too close to him 🙂

Being one that enjoys smoking a cigar here and there, Pierrick’s was once offered a unique business opportunity to become a fine Cigar merchant as well as resort co-owner,although tempting Pierrick found that his heart at the time belonged in Melbourne and choose not to pursue it.Who knows maybe in the future you may spot him in “Kauai”,cigar in hand living the resort lifestyle.

Fun fact: “Kauai” was also the place where Pierrick got his first tattoo.


As the conversation progressed we moved onto the subject stars and celebrities.Pierrick has meet his fair share of inspiring people but admits to not becoming star struck but prefers to treat everyone on equal footing.Some of the people he has brushed shoulders with are larger than life,  meeting“Arnold Schwarzenegger” a couple of times and also working with high profile agencies like “Vogue Magazine” involving various models in Paris.

I was impressed when Pierrick spoke of his involvement with numerous charities one of which he’s preparing a dinner for people in “Johor Bahru” Malaysia during July, the same time as his 42nd birthday”HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”Also Pierrick is no stranger to preparing dinners for important events and people including Indonesian President’s and Malaysian Sultans.

People Of Influence and Inspiration–

When it came inspirational people Pierrick would like to meet, one person in particular stood out in his mind that of “Aung San Suu Kyi”a Burmese social democratic statesman, politician, diplomat and author, if you are not familiar with her she remained under house arrest for 15 years over the course of 21 years for kicking ass and pursuing democracy for her country. With ass-kickin quotes like “The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.”who wouldn’t be inspired by that!

Other people that Pierrick has been influenced by and would like to meet are “Desmond Tutu” a South African retired Anglican bishop who rose up to fight apartheid in the 80’s and “Bono” from U2 becoming more than just a voice for the music but for world causes, also “Ellen Degeneres” is another person Pierick admires.These people all do and have done meaningful work and If we could take a page from each of their books the world would be a better place.

One thing Pirreck mentioned was how he joined the United Nations peacekeeping forces for a year ,as he felt this was his way of doing something meaningful and giving something back to the world

The Food

The foundations of Pierricks success are honed around knowing your strengths and weaknesses, following through with your best, especially when it comes to working with high profile clients Pierrick strongly believes it’s important to remain focused keeping it real and presenting your best rather than trying crazy things outside of the wheelhouse ,it is important to remain consistent.He has always been his own man with his own vision and is happy to ignore the trends opting to sit on the sidelines happily doing his own thing.

When asked the question “What advice do you have for aspiring pastry chefs?”Pierrick answered by saying ,It’s all about teamwork, the more team synergy you have the bigger and better you will get.

Lastly we asked about his love of Watches.And he told us what really intrigues him is the craftsmanship and attention to detail,its a beautiful accessory and the branding  is eye catching it can also show a mans status.We learnt from Pierrick ,In France it’s taboo and can be somewhat inappropriate to show how affluent you are, but in Australia we are more laid back.In terms of what he wears and what he supports hes is not one to support things he doesn’t believe in.


I was really inspired by Pierrick during our chat today ,And it reminds me why I enjoy interviewing people who are out there following their dreams.I feel that success and positivity is like a virus and if we stand within the sphere of influence we can also become switched on too and start following our own dreams.Because that’s what life’s about creating new worlds for your mind to live within.

Be sure to come down to “Le Petit Gateau” and try some of Pierrick’s amazing creations we look forward to trying his amazing treats again soon 🙂

Thanks again Pierrick we will not soon forget our meeting.



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