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On the eve of Melbourne’s 2016 Ozcomiccon I was honoured to interview two of the stars from the television series Stargate Atlantis ,Paul Mcgillion and Rachel Lutrell.
Racheal Lattrell

We caught up with Scottish Born Vancouver based actor Paul Mcgillion who’s appeared in many Films and TV programs but he’s best known for his role as the Loveable Dr Carson Beckett on Stargate Atlantis (2004-2009)

atlantis becket

A tid bit of Trivia:He Played the first character to go through the Stargate, Dr. Ernest Littlefield, in the Stargate SG-1(1997) Season One episode “The Torment of Tantalus”.

In my early 20’s I have fond memories of how much I enjoyed watching the Stargate series and grew a healthy respect for the actor’s craft and it’s quite clear Paul has honed his.

We spoke about his brief trip to Melbourne for the Ozcomiccon weekend, arriving that morning (Friday) and leaving on Monday.

Oz Comiccon Attendee
Oz Comiccon Attendee

He has previously visited Australia and would one day love to go to the outback possibly encounter some of our wildlife one of which being the Red Kangaroo Australia’s largest marsupial as well as the shy but deadly Cassowary.On my own trip to the Daintree rainforest the Cassowary appeared quite the elusive specimen ,may be lucky for me I never saw one! 

This is Paul’s second trip to Melbourne and he loves it saying “It’s a great city and especially lovely to walk around in”.

With so much to do and so little time Paul and former Atlantis cast mate Rachel Lutrell, plan to dip their tasting sticks into Melbourne’s world class cafe culture, later that night they will be attending other functions in which some lucky Stargate fans will be able to Dine with the Stargate Atlantis duo!adding even more into an already crammed itinerary.

On the subject of food he is both a sweet and savoury person, gravitating towards the sweeter darker side we call chocolate! Ditto.But when one commits to a meal you must also consider a liquid refreshment Paul mentioned his preference and what self respecting scotsman doesn’t enjoy a lick of Scotch 😜.

When at home Paul does the majority of the cooking which includes barbecuing and pastas,but not being shy of a challenge he also likes to try his hand at different dishes,apparently making a mean roast beef.Even though he doesn’t have a lot of time he makes the time to cook because he enjoys it.

Onto the subject of fitness, keeping fit is essential when it comes to the hectic workloads and roles of a thespian fortunately for Paul he finds a lot of enjoyment in his regime which includes working out 5 times a week going to the gym,cycling,walking and running.


Fun fact:While studying to get a degree in teaching at Brock University Paul was a was part of their national championship wrestling team.

Paul is no stranger to running, participating in marathons over his life.Getting older may make a person wiser but this will not make you more limber, aging knees and joints little by little each day so sadly Paul no longer partakes in marathons opting for smaller runs instead.These days you may find him running around Stanley Park Vancouver.It is often times a place to chillout and think,ideal for reciteing lines for upcoming roles.When asked if he listens to music while running he said “he doesnt” Preferring the sounds of nature over that of a music device, granting peace and solace in an already loud crazy world which as a runner I can agree with becoming more a form of meditation than exercise.As well as competing in sport he also enjoys watching it ,the national sport being hockey and various other kinds of sport.

Photo by: Carole Segal/Syfy
Photo by: Carole Segal/Syfy

Paul grew up with a healthy diet of science fiction genre including some of the greats Star Trek OS,Dr Who and Lost in Space.Being brought up in science fiction and finding his world wide success in a science fiction role I asked Paul if he got typecast and he told me he has been able to enjoy playing  many different roles ranging from his character Dr Carson Beckett in Stargate Atlantis which was a puppy dog type role to him onto Sanctuary where he played the most evil character on the show Terrence Wexford which was a great dichotomy playing different types of characters.Playing the bad guy can be fun but bad people have humanity too which can be enjoyable to play with.His acting diversity has also landed him other roles in Christmas movies like “Christmas Magic”and other kid friendly movies like “A Dog’s Breakfast” and many more kid friendly movies.

A Christmas Magic
A Christmas Magic Movie
A Dogs Breakfast

He has taught acting and says there are a lot of parallels in teaching and acting Paul has also produced a few films being a fan of creating his own work “it keeps you busy as an actor” and he likes doing independent films. His favourite role was in a movie about schizophrenia “See Grace fly” (2003) which he co-produced and acted in. 

See Grace Fly
See Grace Fly

When it comes to the things he was most passionate about he immediately refers to his children,painting our imaginations with his precious family moments,hanging out spending time together walking on the beach.To fill out the rest of the McGillion clan a family dog might one day be in the cards being a person who loves pets.

Paul was quite accommodating during the interview and before we finished up he let us do a quick snapchat 😀

All footage below or just visit our youtube channel.

Paul McGillion Interview

So this ends the interview we had with Paul McGillion Thankyou to Paul for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to the people at learnt a lot about you and wish you all the best for the future.


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