Florals For Spring?

Florals For Spring Fashion? Groundbreaking? Miranda Priestly might disagree, but the surefire way to say “Adios” to winter and “OLE'” to spring fashion, by adding vibrant joyful florals to the wardrobe.And if you’re not privy to the quote , what kind of fashionista are you? The doctor has your prescription ready and It’s time you took your dose of The devil Wears Prada. Although I like Pinks and Pastels I’m not a girly girl by any means.What with all those fussy prissy outfits adorned with the customary floral prints “hmm” they are definitely not my usual bag.So when the Fame…


Being an urbanite in the concrete jungle my affinity to gravitate towards the color black is strong ,especially during the cooler seasons.After endless rainy days and nights it’s time to inject some warmth into my wardrobe with this rust colored jumpsuit layered with my favorite cropped leather jacket paired with comfy white slip-ons. I’m ready to traverse the city streets in style. Stay warm my fellow Melbourne friends and to my overseas visitors. I live vicariously through your Sunny posts. Xxx Wearing  Watch  WHY Watches Modernist Silver/Grey c/o 

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