Mukka Indian Restaurant

The night drew me into a vortex of excitement, ambient sounds of Brunswick St taunted my ear canals and the last beams of city light slowly carved its way through my eyes retina ,etching my mind with memory’s of misspent youth in a time I was a former tenant of the inner west.

I was glad and enthusiastic to make my sojourn towards the warm beating heart of Mukka Indian Restaurant,for tonight I would dine like a Pasha.

Mukka is Brunswick streets premier Indian Restaurant catering to the appetites of Melbourne’s foodie community.Overtime they have slowly developed a loyal following and hope to keep the tradition going strong.

When set foot into Mukka we were presented with an iconic piece of wall art ,a large picture of a beautiful women’s face overlooking the venue and giving off an air of Mystique.The color pallet fit well with the other facets of the restaurant.The tables were nicely positioned each displaying a gorgeous Macrame flower in Jar of smooth tanned colored stones.

Numerous cultural ornaments and artworks were also spied. The overall appearance made sense with the Indian theme, which sat comfortably in relaxed amounts of light, merging food and romance from the South-East.



The first tid bit to be enjoyed was a small plate of “Bhel Puri” consisting of numerous ingredients including puffed rice,nylon sev, pomegranate,onion,tomato and mint to name a few.It had a subtle spice kick enough to make it enticing and the pomegranates sour essence balanced the dish providing equilibrium throughout.


The mains we chose were the crumbed “Kerala Fish”which I found to be tasty yet IMO needed some extra tang or bang as to become memorable in the annals of stomach history,being a Pescetarian it’s hard to find dishes focused on heat as most hot foods I’ve experienced have a meat component in the direction of beef lamb or chicken.


Accompanying the mains were a mix of plain and garlic infused naans which were made to a high standard.

As well as the breads there were also some beautiful”Tibetan Momo dumplings”filled with potatoes, cabbage and served with chilli dipping sauce.”Tandoori Prawns” were quick to follow.They were cooked especially well avoiding the dreaded rubbery antics of incorrectly cooked invertebrates and mollusks alike.


My favourite dish was the bowl of spicy Matar Paneer or Tofu(vegan option)a vegetable curry made with cubed Paneer cheese cooked in a tomato based gravy suited my needs for flavor as I took some home with me as well and like momma always said “Food always tastes even better the next day”and it sure did:).The tone set from the Matar Paneer tickled the tip of my flavor testing unit as it navigated its way like a snake through the many passages of flavor.


My better half watched on all the while sipping on a”Rosey Heartbreaker”made from the in-house tequila,which I was told had lots of flavor with a potent”KERR ZANG!”



For the last circuit of the meal marathon we tried the”Falooda Kulfi Dessert”summoned up from the kitchen.Being new to this particular type of sweet we found it somewhat confusing due to its long stringy textures,although the flavor was nice ,our western intellect could not grasp the idea of noodle like ice-cream and sadly we wouldn’t want to have this one again.



The night continued with a steady bright burning seductive flame moving ever closer towards its apex,at times it seemed the place might explode with the constant intake of customers.But the kitchen staff prevailed as they smashed out one plate after another with ease.



Mukka also has a delivery service which is awesome when you have the itch but can’t peel yourself from the easy chair.

The things that are of the utmost importance to me as a foodie are …
1. Is the service good?

2. Does the kitchen and staff work happy and harmoniously together like a well oiled machine?

3. Is the food tasty?

Nailing 1 & 2 in my book ensures return customers and less likely to seat one timers.
I have been to many places one in particular beginning with an “S” and ending with an “S” (name withheld for professional reasons)and let me tell you the food was of a quality standard but the service was akin to having a bowl of the tastiest porridge upturned onto your head by an angry little gargoyle.

Mukka is certainly NOT this! It is a place which is worthy of return visits and I am keen to keep an eye on this place especially if they bring new things to the menu or even tweak some of the old Its truly exciting times to be in and we are fortunate enough to be standing on the nucleus of creation.


The bottom line is the two brothers whom own/operate Mukka,live and breathe the culture that is India ,and who better to put forth these amazing dishes.I recommend for those who want to dip their toes into the warm waters of Indian cuisine without fear of burning a hole in your tongue to come Mukka tonight!


P: (03) 9917 2224


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365 Brunswick Street

Fitzroy 3065

6 Days Tue & Sun 5pm-10:30pm

Thur-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm

Sat-Sun 12pm-4pm dined as guests of Mukka All opinions are honest and true and are based our own experiences.


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