Motorhome Majestic Launch Party was invited to checkout the launch party for Ascot Vale’s new up and coming burger bar “MotorHome Majestic”.We can’t tell you how excited we were, considering we had only recently visited Truckstop DeluxeWerribee and Royal Stacks Melbourne CBD, our engines were warmed up and ready for the next iteration of food porn.

Josh Lefersthe cerebral intelligence behind the fitout and design is a very busy Melbournite man with his finger in many pies including film, television, food, music and advertising to name a few, he’s also done stand-up comedy wowzers! “Marcus Mooney” is also one to watch, being the owner and operator of this new burger bar venture.He has numerous other accolades and achievements that are noteworthy within the industry as well.Another pivotal member of the crew is the master behind the Menu “Dani Zeini” the baron of the burger.

Maybe if I’m lucky, I can stand close enough that I may be sucked into their success vortex.When the food looks good and tastes great, coinciding with top notch service what else could one improve upon? When things seem sooo perfect, can the dining experience be driven beyond it’s natural limits?Well.. I’m fairly sure Joshand “Marcus” prove it, time and time again that eating doesn’t always have to be focused on the one thing, but can be a balanced with food whilst encouraging a stimulating and thought provoking atmosphere.

interior 1

The idea of eating food whilst transforming it into an emotional, fun and surprising event shines through, when we observe their past achievements, daring to tease us with a flare for the unexpected.
These creative venues discard our adult facades long enough for the magic to ignite the curiosity of our inner child.The visual eye candy alone is a testament to both their creative and outgoing personalities.

interior chill

The first thing to be seen which stands out immediately, has to be the Mobile Home aesthetic,with parts of the retired beast strewn across the venue and adorning itself into various surfaces like wall mounted head trophies from a great caravan hunt.

It is colorful space with one element I especially liked, sections of the Van had been converted into cozy little booths.The overall environment has the potential to host many a weekend meetup.

Next point of interest was the fully licensed bar which sits well, nestled between the two chill out areas on either side, its the place to be! especially when “crakin’ open a cold one”.

The bars specialty is spiked(adult) milkshakes as well as a selection of inventive cocktails.They had an awesome selection of alcoholic beverages to loosen up even the hardiest introvert.




Now onto the food, this is the gold standard you have come to expect from “Dani Zeini” a good selection of Burgers to choose from with vego option’s available,species of chips and onion rings are also in circulation as well as a few other tasty tidbits like ribs, chicken wings, mac & cheese croquettes and more.

We devoured the Vego Burger and it was quite satisfying and maybe next time I’d like to snap some pics of the “Walter White” burger too.





Finally the desserts, this is the heart of my legendary diet 😀 And as always my 7th* sense(*the dessert sense) led me to the sweets counter.With my target locked, I approached like a sweet seeking  missile and was confronted with the staff working at full speed to feed as many a dessert junkie’s as possible.

For our sugar hit,we choose the Ice Cream Donut which looked as good as it tasted.

During the coarse of the night we rubbed shoulders with many new and old friends in the blogging community.Soo many zoom lenses, camera phones and Dslr’s it was literally a food safari.

Before the night came to its inevitable conclusion we were personally greeted by the larger than life “Marcus Mooney”, he is a very lively and positive person to be around, I really enjoyed being in his presence I hope to see more of him in the future.

marcus and natalia

But alas we must say “Orevwa”! to “Motorhome Majestic”.What I learn’t from today’s experience is “Food must be more than just food, it has to be a feeling as well”.

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Motorhome Majestic

236–238 Union Road

Ascot Vale 3032

 11:30am-11pm Wed to Sun attended Motorhomemajestic launch party as a guest of Zilla and Brook PR

 All opinions are honest and true and are based from our own experience.



  1. My Food Belly Reply

    Looked like it was an amazing event! Wish I could’ve made it, but glad you had lots of great food xx

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Such a lively fun place you should check it out sometime 👍🏻

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