We are not always treated to the best in Melbourne and there will always be room for improvement in the hospitality industry,here is one experience we hope you guys will not get to often.
Today is a special celebration, a Birthday yay!Where to eat out for that special occasion?
As a long time fan of the westernized version of Mexican-o food, based primarily on price & quality I was completely taken off guard when I received the bill from the chain restaurant “Amigos“.
Eating here is like the new version of the coward’s punch and when I talk about punches I mean the ones aimed below the belt and at the wallet.

When one first enters this establishment you are greeted by the extremely kind manager who assists you in finding comfortable seating.The environment with which this place operates from maintains a full rustic feel whilst adding greatly to the Mexican vibe with its brick rendered walls and low key lighting.
With our seating established the hungry horde is served by an Amigo’s staff member.During the ordering procedure, the person waiting us came across in a disregardful unengaging way, communicating like a machine-gun, rattling off at us like a lone soldier in a trench war.This parlay of words gave off the impression we were wasting their time!?
Never-mind next we made inquires regarding the meal portion sizes, large vs small how big etc and we were barked back the answer “Large is 2 bowls, Small is 1” what the does that even mean?
Moving on to the choice of mains, we each chose the Spinach and Potato Enchiladas with side of sour cream and guacamole to share between us, plus 2 sparkling waters with lemon and one Pisco sour followed by the Sizzling Brownies.
Hands up who loves to eat alone?If you do then this place is for you,we received one of our first dishes but only one, as they had kindly forgotten to make the other one but eventually, after id finished eating mine they bought out the missing food.
The Enchiladas were very well presented but lacked flare in the taste department making it nothing to write home about, as I have had similar quality at a lesser restaurant.
The dessert was the only redeeming feature of the whole outing but not without a long fasting session between main and dessert, where we looked on at the dirty plates adorning our table for half an hour.When we finished sating our hunger we asked for the Bill and I almost had a coronary there and then, 2 mains 1 dessert 1 alcohol bevy and 2 fizzy waters which btw were requested to include lemon but they already decided for us that we should have lime instead.

Criticism is useless when not followed through with suggestions on improving and fixing things.To start with I believe if the staff could take a page out of the manager’s book by being as accommodating and pleasant as he, it would go a long way in solving these issues,possibly a refresher course on how to engage customers correctly since I feel some people have lost their passion or reasons for working at Amigos,either way this is the biggest issue atm.If this can’t be rectified then lowering the prices would be the next best thing as it would make it inline with the quality of service, but this is unlikely to happen due to the location of the venue.
In regards to the food, it is well rounded and fills you up but lacks excitement which is flaunted by the Amazing tasting Sizzling Brownies, maybe adding more extreme chilli options on the menu for thrill seekers like Habanero and Trinidad scorpions and an extra dessert option would be nice too.
Amigos current price and service being what it is ,I’d strongly recommend you look elsewhere for a cheaper and more satisfying experience.

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92B Acland Street

St Kilda




  1. Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed it in spite of the not-so-great meal 🙂

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