Laneway Greens is a cozy, aesthetically pleasing contemporary health cafe, that is committed to feeding you seasonal ingredients ,with thoughtful flavor combinations from within the heart of Melbourne. It’s full to the gills, especially around lunch time when people are lining up to eat their Health conscious meals.

Macadamia and house made Buckini Granoa is what brings me here today, this breakfast bowl includes orange blossom honey,passion fruit,apricot,green apple,Inca berries,cacao nibs & natural yogurt.Verdict…Based on my affection for sour foods and my exposure to Loving Earth’s Chocolate covered Inca berries,being familiar with these tastes and textures I find myself easily drawn towards choosing these types of foods from the menu.

The top layer was delicious but I would have preferred a dairy free yogurt like coconut yogurt.After you are done with the top layer you are left with great deal of natural yogurt which becomes rather monotonous on it’s own.

Macadamia Buckini Granola Bowl(Original)


Luke Cala from Laneway Greens invited us to test out the new tweaks that had been applied to the Nutrient Bowls,based on our previous review.What this tells me is they take into consideration customers thoughts and ideas to evolve and improve.We happily accepted this invitation, as we were keen to try out various other items on the said menu.

Arriving earlier this day was the best choice as there’s limited seating around lunch time,but if weather permits you can always take your lunch outdoors and admire Melbourne’s beautiful architecture.

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Laneway Greens have a fantastic menu ranging from nourishing handcrafted salads ,healthy smoothies and Nutrient Bowls, plus cold pressed juices and milks it also boasts a convenient location for people on their lunch break or a casual re-fuel between shopping sessions.


What we had to eat and drink😀

Kale & Kiwi Smoothie;

Kale,kiwi fruit, celery, cucumber ,avocado,baby spinach,lemon,ginger,coconut water

To cool us down we had the Kale & Kiwi smoothie which instantly made us feel healthy,it was lean mean and green the taste was dark and the highlights of kiwi gave it a sweet taste.I was not a huge fan of the vessel it was served in purely because it took away the drinks potentially vibrant color. Overall though, it was a great tasting smoothie that will keep you topped up for the days many challenges.

Blackberry & Coconut Chia Pudding

Blackberry,coconut chia,pineapple,lime and mango salsa,macadamia,seasonal berries buckwheat crumble,coconut flakes

We found this to be more fruity tasting and much lighter than the others bowls.As chia puddings go,this is well thought out and the combinations go together well.

Acai Bowl & Seasonal Berries Smoothie Bowl

Acai,seasonal berries,banana,almond milk,chia seeds ,house made buckini granola cacao nibs

This was our personal favorite, the first thing you will find is the Acai taste will hit the tongue first and beckon you to spoon more and more until you look down and realise it is all gone.The blend of ingredients relieved me of any sour tastes and replaced it with calmer nuances that drove home the remainder of the dish.

Macadamia Buckini Granola Bowl(Revised)

Pineapple and lime salsa,seasonal berries,chopped Inca berries,honey ,passion fruit,almond milk (provided in small cup)

Since the removal of the large copious amounts of natural yogurt we can finally see with our tastebuds the true nature of this dish,also other changes included the reduction of Inca Berries and apricots,because less is more.Another change is the addition of Almond Milk(yummy)provided in a small pouring vessel and also Pineapple and Lime Salsa.

So what do I think second time around?The proportions were well balanced and blended which made it satisfying without compromising the initial first bite thrill.

Closing thoughts ,we appreciated the custom pottery that the meals were served in, this added a nice touch ,the minimalist fitout was on par with today’s current trend but the true king of the day was the housemade granola ,you will find it’s difficult to find this kind of quality anywhere,and we here at could easily bag it up and snack on it like popcorn comfort food whilst watching our favourite mini series.

I enjoyed my time being looked after by Laneway Greens and my personal impressions of Luke was that he came across as an enthusiastic and passionate business owner,bringing his accessible, healthy food alternatives to people in the CBD.He has a strong vision for his brand ,and I could see the future would be an open door with which he could move through to take him anywhere.With these types of people at the helm, we have nothing to worry about when it comes to Melbourne’s health food scene remaining tasty fresh and exciting.

So as my time with Luke draws to an end I’m left with the Laneway Greens motto “There’s always time to eat well.” A belief I also share, especially for the hot summer days ahead.

I’ll be back for more of their nutritious smoothies to cool me down,maybe you should too.

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Laneway Greens 

Shop 2/242 Flinders Lane

Melbourne 3000

8am-6pm Monday to Friday 

Melbourneyum dined as a guest of Laneway Greens all opinions are honest and true and are based from our own experience 


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