Lace is the New Black

2 weeks ago I flew down to Sydney to attend the RSSAU live event and finalist party.

Fishnet Black Black fishnet Pencil Dress Airport Style

Coming from Melbourne I knew I was up against some stiff competition from Sydney.But I couldn’t let that deter me, gathering my inner strength through the competitive tension created made me evolve adapt and be at my best. So when they called my name to accept the winners award for this years Fashion category I was speechless never in my wildest dreams could I believe I’d won!

My trip to Sydney was a whirl wind adventure to say the least ,stopping off for a bite to eat without a minute to spare before moving onto the RSS awards party.RSS is a national talent search setup to discover the latest talent in digital influencing.While there I got to meet the other finalists finally meeting the faces behind the Instagram handles.

Rss fashion Winner 2017

What to Wear?

Not having time to even catch my breath there was little time to find that perfect outfit ,as fortune would have it I was able to hire two dresses from “Her Wardrobe” the Yeojin Bae Zoe which I wore to the conference.As for the finalist party I went in wearing the Thurley Chateau mini dress styled with my own Gucci Dionysus and Lipstik shoes Velvet Paula Boots,each dress was created by great Australian fashion designers.

The Turn around from order to delivery was lightening fast, receiving my order the next day … PERFECT Just before my flight out to Sydney.

Mini Thurley Lace Mini Dress

Black Lace Dress

Black Classic Bag Street Style Shoot

Five Great Reasons To Hire

-Outfit Redundancy

I get easily bored with items that I already have in my closet, some which I’ve never even worn. But because it’s been hanging there I’m now bored of it and want something new and exciting.You know what I’m talking about basically as soon as it’s left the store the excitement wanes away and the amazing pricey purchase just doesn’t give you the same satisfaction.

-Save Money

Dropping loads of cash for the latest designer dresses that I’ll only wear once makes my purse snap at my fingers like a defensive animal.I’m sure my purse knows these items will be shunned, cast to the back of my closet to never see the light of day.


Great selection of beautiful dresses you can choose from and they also stock accessories!

-Fast Delivery

Fast delivery and the option of a 4 to 8 day rental period.It is all beautifully packaged and you’ll also receive a pre paid return envelope for convenience.

-Ease of Use

The item will be dry cleaned upon return. After I got mine back from Sydney on Monday I just went to the post office and viola all done.

Thurley Lace Dress Sydney Fashion Shoot

Thurley Lace Dress Sydney Faashion Shoot

Thurley Lace Dress Sydney Faashion ShootLace Dress Black and Rose Gold Watch

Thurley Black Lace Dress Sydney Shoot


I’m seriously contemplating the renting of designer bags for future events,considering my most recent “Des bag”  Gucci has been worn with me one to many times. Don’t get me wrong I looove my little tote but how many times can you wear it without getting bored?I’m a firm believer of laying the basic foundations for a prodigious capsule wardrobe i.e. beautiful bag,stylish trench ,sunglasses .But unless you have Kim Kardashian’s gold card it’s a Faux paus to be wearing the same outfit over and over again.In the case of events or times of heavy media exposure a great option is hiring,and is actually the most feasible option.I would definitely use the service again for special events.

Thurley Lace Dress Sydney Fashion Shoot Airport Style Fishnet Dress




Lipstik shoes Black crushed Velvet boots Paula c/o

My bagshop Classic handbag c/o

MVMT Vela watch c/o

Use code melbourneyum15 for $15 off your watch purchase.

Until Next Time

I love living in the beautiful city of Melbourne. I have visited Sydney several times but this trip I really fell in love with the architecture and the grittiness that is Sydney. That’s what makes it a perfect place for photography and I can’t wait to visit again soon.

Natalia K xxxx



  1. I would like to congrats for the received award.Hard work pay always .very nice the black dress and your shoes what you choose to wear for the event I’m agree with the rent of luxury bags for special events .
    Great idea girl.

  2. I’ve never heard of this award before, but it sounds like a great event. The dress you chose for this party night is so lovely. Sometimes a lace dress can be much better than the plain black one. However, for this look I’d better go for some elegant heels like stiletto ones. All in all, I hope you had a lovely time in Sidney.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  3. You look so amazing in this lace black on black look!! Sounds like you had an amazing time in Sydney, you are so fierce and confident, I wish you can rub off some of your positive vibes on me!! Yes, def consider renting luxury bags for a special event, they really elevate the look and makes the clothes stand out more.

    ~ xo Sheree

  4. Renting designer bags is a great idea and I’m shocked I have never considering doing this myself, knowing I hate splurging on pricey items and the fact I also swap my bags out on a weekly basis. In another news, I agree with you, lace is definitely the new black. I find myself wearing it more and more outside the bedroom and I just love how you can dress it up or down so easily. Love this dress!

  5. Congrats girl! That’s so awesome that you got some recognition. I haven’t actually ever rented anything for a special event as I haven’t really had the occasion just yet. I would rent to get an amazing dress or bag since I also don’t have that special gold card to just swipe at any time. Loving this black dress you chose

  6. First off, congrats girl! Good of you for going and getting that award- you deserve it! And thanks so much for sharing this awesome dress service. I would love to travel to Australia soon but hate the thought of having to bring nice dresses that will inevitably get crumpled in my suitcase. This service is the perfect solution to the dilemma! I absolutely adore the double crepe zoe dress on you by the way. Such a unique and beautiful design! And I completely agree with you on the pros of why renting may be better sometimes. I mean who doesn’t love saving money and trying on a variety of items?? Finally, I’d love to see you style a rented bag as well and get your thoughts on the process. Completely feel the same way about my bag choices as well. Thanks for sharing babe!

    xo Soo |

  7. Mega congrats girl! You totally deserve it and you dressed the part as well!
    You look head to toe perfect!
    I’m totally with you on ‘hiring’. I can’t afford designer clothe every season, so this is definitely a viable option, so thanks for sharing!!!
    I’m obsessed with this dress!!

  8. How incredibly gorgeous! Congrats on the award! That’s so exciting! Your style is amazing so it’s no surprise to me that you won! I love the idea of renting items for specific events! I’m just like you when it comes to getting bored of items. I’m also really indecisive so I’m always nervous when I buy designer because I’m afraid I’m just in a mood I won’t be in the next day. You really bring up great points! You look stunning and that dress is beyond! I totally want it! You look edgy, romantic, and so beautiful!

    Manda |

  9. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Love the Black Dress on you:) So Feminine and Elegant:) Looks soo Good Quality and Very Unique one:) Adore your Style:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina

  10. Dear Natalia,
    Congratulations on being honored in such a special and extraordinary way and I truly have admired and been amazed by every single one of your Instagram posts so I’m not at all surprised to see you recognized for your digital influence talents. I am definitely convinced that renting is the way to go for a very special event. I would definitely rent to get a really amazing dress next time I have a formal affair.

  11. Love that black lace dress on u Natalia! And I agree with you on the benefits of hiring clothes / handbags because it is more economical that way! I don’t dare to hire branded stuff though – for fear that I need to pay for compensation if I accidentally damage them.

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