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Have you ever wanted to be Willy Wonka for a day?Here is your chance with KIT KAT ,celebrating 80 years by opening a KIT KAT studio in Melbourne.I was quite envious when I saw the pictures on Instagram of the KIT KAT  pop-up studio in Sydney,when it launched in Melbourne I just had to go there and create one myself 

Monday afternoon, ground floor of Melbourne Central this is the best time to come here,with Christmas being around the corner this was the perfect opportunity to get some personalised gifts for my loved ones.

Every week the studio has a new limited edition flavour.These gourmet KIT KAT’s come with chunky toppings such as the “Japanese Maccha & Kikusui Leaves” or the “Butterscotch Fudge Pretzel and Pecan”.Whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone special the added luxury of personalizing your bespoke creation will give it that touch of uniqueness.

At the creation terminal you choose your desired base chocolate flavor, next was the option of combining 3 toppings from a choice of 17 unique ingredients and finally add your name and a custom message to adorn your chosen style of gift box.

It’s as easy as that ,while they are making it for you,one can enjoy the many new and exciting shops Melbourne Central has to offer as they will text you as soon as they are done.

The  look of the pop-up store was very colorful and fun,with wide clear viewing window so you could see them making your creations and I found the customer service to be excellent. 

 I choose dark chocolate as the base for all my creations.Narrowing down the choice of different toppings was tough with so many options, they all sounded wonderful .The three flavours I chose were the “Fragrant Pink Rose Petals” (they are visually amazing) the “Caramelized Meringue” and  the “Crumbled Coconut Macaroons”.

How did it taste? Really good the dark chocolate was the right ratio for me and enjoyed the crunchy texture and flavours from the “Rose Petals” it sure looked pretty even though I couldn’t taste them.

For the Christmas gifts I wanted to create KIT KAT’s that would reflect my loved ones taste and personality like “Espresso” for my mum who is a hardcore coffee addict.

One thing that appealed to me was you could choose from specific decorated gift boxes ,with Christmas themed decorations,well suited for this time of year.

Certain things were lacking thou for example the limited amount of personalized packaging options and some form of flavor labeling so you could easily remember what ingredients you selected.

One important thing to note with the Personalized KIT KAT orders ,they should be consumed within 5 days based on the packaging.I put my custom Christmas KIT KAT’s in a sealed container in the freezer, ready to give them as gifts.(Thaw out in fridge to avoid condensation)

If you don’t want to wait 3 hours for your custom KIT KAT to be made, you can buy premade, from the KIT KAT special edition range, which change their selection from week to week.

Currently they have two “Anna Polyviou”(a famous pastry chef) limited edition flavours as well as their normal selections.

If you want to get your own creation made or pick up one of their premade special editions check out the details below 

KIT KAT Studio

Ground Floor, Melbourne Central, 211 La Trobe St (opposite Tommy Hilfiger)

24th November – 17th January

** Last custom orders will be taken 3 hours prior to close.


  • KIT KAT Special Editions (4 fingers) – $6.00
  • KIT KAT Create Your Break (8 fingers) – $14.00
  • KIT KAT Special Editions Gift Box (4 pack) – $30.00
  • KIT KAT Special Editions Gift Box (8 pack) – $60.00
  • KIT KAT Dark Miniatures 18 piece Gift Box – $15.00
  • KIT KAT Milk Miniatures 18 piece Gift Box – $15.00
  • KIT KAT Original 4 finger 10 piece Gift Box – $25.00

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