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Interiors on a Budget

Kmart Vase Low key photography Interiors

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” Bo Derek

Successful Styling of interiors on a budget comes down to two factors,your personal style and whether you’re willing to hunt down that bargain!If your stacks are abundant or you’ve squandered last week’s paycheck this post is for you.So read on and learn how to curate a collection in a way that works for you and not against you.

Interior Styling Minimal Interiors

Have a Plan

To succeed in life, plans must be made.Likewise when hunting down trophy pieces for styling.From the get go I know I’m not going to leave empty handed when perusing the aisles.

On my Kmart adventures sticking to the homewares department, I rarely go outside this zone which forms the groundwork for my shopping strategy.

Kmart is not your only place to lay your shopping foundations Target too is another.I also find Typo an excellent starting point too .That’s not to say these are the only stops to harvest interior gold.Imo it’s like finding water in the desert with a divining rod ,you’ve got to know where to look and what you’re looking for.Good prep avoids hauling piles of steaming…well you know what I mean.

Engineering a plan to hit the shops is similar to a military operation.But sometimes we can all veer off the”golden decor trail” departing with more than we have budgeted for:)As a safeguard I stick to style neutral pieces or specifically items that synergize well with existing set pieces.

Faux Sheepskin Rug Stationary Interiors

Why are these stores a goldmine?

Because they have great buyers.Keeping up to date with what’s on trend .Example if Rose Quartz is in the coming season the buyers(Kmart etc) will start stocking everything with that particular hue.

Visiting Target and Kmart during a particular season will see near identical reproductions of stock similar to that of the high-end stores.My last trip to Kmart I saw a gorgeous pair of Scandi style wood with concrete top/look-a-like side tables.

So hold back on buying those expensive luxe pieces and check out my top picks for buying on a budget!

 Office Desk Styling Interiors

Yes add to Cart!

I personally save up for the big ticket items e.g dining table or bed frame and then buy the smaller decor items from these kind of stores .Not only is it cheaper it gives you creative modular leg room to customize, rather than be stuck with a generic store look.

Flower vase Kmart Interiors

Use the spend vs splurge rule to shop smartly

Splurge on good quality towels and linen Save on throw pillows and candles.

  • Buy the expensive candles to burn and the look alike versions to style with.

Whatever your design style you can definitely style on a budget.

  • Go in with a game plan and have a list.

Tip:-Use a personal organizer I use a my Kiki K diary to organize myself and my business.

“Kiki k” isn’t cheap and it’s rare I’d purchase stationery there, when similar stuff can be found at Kmart Target and Typo.But in this instance I would splash the cash for the quality and its reusable nature.

Key Items when at…


  • styling knickknacks
  • throw pillows
  • candles
  • coat hangers/rose gold ones
  • outdoor furniture/accessories 
  • prints
  • bookcases
  • bedside tables/side tables
  • lamps
  • faux fur rugs
  • organization items laundry & kitchen
  • dinnerware
  • mugs
  • bottles/drinking glasses
  • kitchen accessories
  • bathroom accessories
  • other furniture 
  • stationery 
  • linen Tip:-I avoid buying linen from above, but if you’re on a budget go for it!Buy 1K thread count,your skin will thank you for it trust me it’s worth it,plus it lasts forever. 

Rose Gold hangers fashion clothing rack Interiors


Never underestimate the power of art.It packs a punch and can push through your story of style.Spending hundreds or thousands on art/prints with limited funds is pure insanity.Perhaps opt to buy art online.(This can be cost effective with added convenience)An added bonus is the plethora of online stores stocking all manner of art/prints. 

Lumas Fashion Art Interiors

My top 2 picks

Blacklist Store 

Tip:-Lots of prints to choose from. Great choice for the budget conscious.


Tip:-Seriously great selection of art for all price points and every style.I have a lot on my wish list.

If you prefer the tactile feel of seeing it in person and you’re from Melbourne go check the store out.

Buying directly from the artist is another way to go.I think the support of our local artists is important and always enjoy working with them.I recently collaborated with local Melbourne artist Whilton Design and featured them in my last post.

Fashion Print Perfume bottle Gucci Bag Interiors

Or you could go down the custom route and have special pieces made up for you as I have done in my home I got local Melbourne artist Sophie to create low poly portraits of my pet dogs.

Check out what she created for me in my interview with her

Sophie Does Design

Church Street also hosts my favorite Melbourne cafés all within walking distance so grab a piece of cake with your art.

Pillar of Salt

Top Paddock

Looking for eye catching Furniture? Church St Richmond is the right destination.

Two must see destinations have to be Coco Republic and Space Furniture.

Coco Republic

Space Furniture

Invest in those really great basics then work around them with the budget pieces.

Lumas Art Fashion Interiors

Homewares essentials 


This is the perfect choice for linens doonas pillows and throws.They also have a few great decorative pieces.

Linen On the bed Interiors


Stationery lovers rejoice this place is a gold mine for that office inspo desk shot,with every shade your heart desires,new stock weekly.You won’t break the bank shopping here.

Quick Tips

  •  Shop here for Boxing Day sales.
  • Buy the Typo coupon calendar at the start of the year for monthly percentages off items all year round. 

Typo Pink flatlay stationary Interiors

DFO (factory outlets)

points of notable interest at DFO

Get towels from the Sheridan store and other quality kitchenware like cookware,dinnerware.It’s where you go when you want the brands names but you don’t want to pay full price.I don’t buy much clothes from these places I use DFO for mainly Homewares.Stock up on the basics like porcelain high-end dinnerware that will last you a long time and those 1000 count sheet sets.

I don’t feel like paying $400 for those do you?


The well known treasure trove for all things home 

Be wary not everything here is cheap.Such as plant pots that can be found for a lesser price at Kmart nearly 50% difference wowzers but I did purchase picture frames for my art pieces and found they were of great quality and good looking design.Remember not all stores are created equal even if they are known for being cost effective.Keep your eyes open and the bill wont give you a cardiac arrest!

Now that you know all the tips and tricks, go run and gun!Embrace these low price department stores.If you’re lucky there may be a 24 hour one near you.

Happy hunting dears.



  1. Hey gorgeous,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and hearing about all your handy hints. You have beautiful taste in interior decorating and I really admire how you style everything. My biggest problem is being able to foresee how furniture will work in my space. I had to buy another coffee table as the original one in our new house did not suit once all the furniture arrived. It was a very expensive mistake, as reselling furniture is so hard! I will check out the links to the art stores as this is the last thing I need to organise for the house. Some of the walls are still embarrassingly bare haha.

    Adrianna xoxo

  2. You go me hooked on Kmart now! I have never really shopped there. My go to places are usually HomeGoods and then I hunt items at TjMaxx and Marshalls. homeGoods is definitely my absolute home favorite store in the world and can sometimes just go there after a long day to walk round and look and just wind down.

  3. As someone gearing up to undergo a major interior decor renovation, I absolutely loved this post! Completely agree in that decor does not need to be expensive. It is about looking at the right places and the right time. I’m totally with on places like Kmart or Target having very on-trend items. Even better, this big-box retailers often have great coupons and promotions, which knocks down prices even more. You also make a great point about knowing when to spend more or les. Towels and linens are definitely one area not to splurge on. Also, one additional point I would make it upcycling things. For example, I love expensive candles like Diptyque. After burning them, I will also recycle their jars as decor pieces. Such a great hack! And thanks for so many store recommendations. Do they ship to the USA btw?

    xo Soo |

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Yes I upcycle used candles as well!
      I don’t know what Kmart and target is like in the US but over here they really have great decor items all of the images in my post featured at least 1 item from those stores.I personally do splurge on linen and towels as good quality sheets last and feel amazing same with towels,scratchy towels are not nice ha ha.
      They do not ship to USA but you guys would get different stock but I bet they have really nice items too.

  4. As I’ve just moved to a new apartment this was a great read and I got a lot of tips. Styling a beautiful home doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it does take some exploring the stores and settling for a certain style before you splurge into something you actually didn’t need. I like to combine relatively cheap basics and then add a twist to my interior decor with some more expensive centerpieces, mixing good basics with some more high end stuff so to speak. I was shocked to hear IKEA had that expensive flower pots however, need to give them a call, haha.
    Thanks for lots of interior inspo and tips!

  5. I’m so impressed with your sense of style and all these tips you provided. I agree that it’s important to know where to shop. I personally shop at Target a lot. I love these rose gold hangers. Did you really get them from Target? Let me know and I’ll be on my way there 😉

    xo, Maryam

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Yes both target and Kmart have stocked rose gold hangers for $2!
      Each of my pictures in this post has been styled with something out of all the shops I mentioned mostly Kmart.
      You would be suprised!

  6. Finding a perfect piece is definitely similar to finding water in the desert with a divining rod! We don’t have either Target or Kmart in Germany, but there are a lot of other places, where you can find something for your interior, not mentioning a lot of online shop, where you can always hunt for a holy grail.
    Btw, thanks for sharing the link to Whilton Design. I was obsessed with this poster since I saw it on Instagram! I need this one for my interior!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  7. I love all your tips on shopping for interior pieces on a budget! I love browsing KMart or World Market or Ross for some discounted designer decor items. Target is also a great place to look for trendy pieces at a good price point. We don’t have Typo but Ikea we do have and I’ve decorated my kid’s play area entirely from their stuff!!

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  8. This is so helpful! I just loved and was thinking of all the things I need to get. Throw pillows and candles for decor are a definite must. I need to get more organized about it

  9. I definitely need to learn from you, because I am very bad at styling my house. Usually my husband goes for it, and he is pretty good. Love the photos and your article. I never shopped at Kmart, but have to check them out

  10. these are amazing tips dear! I wish we had some of these shops here as well. ikea is always a good ikea though..or a bad? never sure haha
    I try to not follow really any trends but to buy what will make me happy in some years as well:)


  11. Wow girl! This post blows my mind! Seriously, it’s very well put together.
    I wish I knew some of these things before decorating my apartment. I didn’t have a budget at all and I feel like I could have done a better job if I’ve had handy a post like this! Definitely bookmarking it for future references! Also, love love the photos! Your apartment looks like a dream!

  12. You are truly a guru to me in your style and design know-how. It amazes me how you can pull together such strong , elegant interior spaces and stay within a reasonable budget. I will definitely try Kmart when I do done redesigning this summer! Thank you so much!!

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Thanks lovely I really appreciate it.You can definitely style on a budget knowing where to shop is the key.

  13. Hey Beautiful,
    How Amazing Deco Tips, Loved Everything:)
    Your Tips are so Good and Useful:)
    I will definitely follow up some Great Ideas from this Post:)
    Ikea actually Is super Expensive, I found other Great Stores with similar items what I wanted and I always compare the prices! Huge Difference….
    Never Heard about Kmart but Checking now:)))))
    The Photos are just Stunning:)
    Love Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Easter

  14. Gosh this post is amazing. I love all the tips and I really want to step up my game with design. I have such basic stuff in my house.

  15. this tips are really useful, my home definitely needs improvements but I am mostly broke, LOL

  16. I really loved your post and I wish I lived in a country that had a Kmart or Target. But I do love Typo, they have the cutest stationary. And I definitely want to invest in some good prints for my room. Theres so many good tips in this post, as I am moving to a new country later this year, I am totally saving this article for inspiration.


  17. Hello
    I love the photos of your article 🙂 Some cool furniture stores to check out. I agree with you about Kmart being cheaper than Ikea. Kmart is the place to go!

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Thanks for your kind words
      I used a lot of Kmart items in these images.
      Kmart certainly is a treasure trove for stylish decor!

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