The Gelato Master

I wonder what it takes to be a “Master Gelato Maker”? go’s in deep with Lygon Streets premier Master Gelato Maker “Alessio Tavella”, who is in the current employ of the award winning café Brunetti.

Before we delve in, you’ll need a brief introduction to this ice cool Italian treat.

What Is Gelato?

Gelato! the Italian word for ice-cream, although similar to the American style ice-
cream, differs slightly, for starters it uses more milk and less cream, it’s usually
lower in fat and is also sweeter. Unlike its cousin Ice-cream, gelato’s base is churned at a
lower speed decreasing the amount of air introduced into the base, further reduction of air
is evident in the freezing portion of its manufacture, thus creating its thicker
consistency. The gelato is also stored and served in a warmer environment, when these factors are combined, we are provided with a mouth-feel that has the cool palpable and distinct flavor, which gelato is well known for.

The Collaboration was very excited and honored when Italian Master Gelato Maker “Alessio Tavella” decided join forces in gelato collaboration, giving us the opportunity to create our very own signature flavor donned the Melbourneyum.
We started by requesting “Rose Cream” as the base as it is a very unique flavor, and we also asked if the gelato could have visual decoration on the outer surface representing the “Rose Cream” flavor on the inner, Alessio came up with the design of beautiful rose pieces for its exterior.Our vision laid out and Alessio’s Master Gelato making skills at the ready, we set out
to create a collaboration for the entirety of Melbourne, I could see this was going to be one hell of a ride.

Melbourneyum & Alessio Tavella collaboration Limited Edition gelato will be available to purchase from Brunetti”on Lygon from this Friday the 4th of March and in stock for two weeks make sure you get your hands on some!!

Alessios Gelato’s

Its impossible to form into words the manifestation of a god inside gelato,but let me tell you one thing I have tried a lot of ice-creams & gelato and I mean a lot.The quality of this creamy flavor fest is sooo good it’s criminal or should I say “would turn me criminal” for when I spooned the first mouthful of the pistachio into my mouth it licked my imagination like a velvet tongue,capturing an ultra smooth and intricate flavor that comes from within the sweet accents of the stachio nut.I kept telling myself just one more spoonful and then I’ll stop or I may need to admit myself to Sweetaholics Anonymous but the game of cat and mouse had just begun, no sooner had I finished the Pistachio Gelato I felt a sense of vulnerability akin to the final boss confrontation on a computer game

….yet another devilish gelato concoction was staring back at me with its deep…dark … brown eyes (Bacio),paused and ready to attack.At this point I was wondering who was going to consume whom. This particular gem attacked me from the tactile position with many textures for my sensors to latch onto, this being the Baci nucleus, the “coup de grace”of rich chocolate which held my attention long enough to finish me off for good.

There are numerous flavor options and you can find them all at the link >here<

To refrain from diverging any spoiler content regarding the collaboration,I will let you find out for yourself how great the “Melbourneyum Gelato” with our photoshoot of this indulgent treat.


Enter our competition on Instagram!! to win two of these “Limited Edition” gelato treats for yourself or to share with a friend 🙂

I highly recommend you reconsider “Brunetti for not only being the best establishment for coffee and cake but also the go zone for Lygon streets Gelato.So be adventurous!And treat yourself to a journey through the culinary landscape that is the heart of “Brunetti” where you’ll find Alessio’s cryo gold.

Interview with Alessio

This is our exclusive one on one interview with “Alessio Tavella” about this hardworking and creative  Gelato Master.

Making tasty desserts/food, has this always been in the Tavella bloodline?
Making gelato/desserts has always been my passion since I was a child even thou history of gelato chefs was absent in Tavella bloodline. I remember when I was 7 years old I used to go after school to the pasticceria( pastry shop) near my house to watch the pastry chefs making delicious desserts and gelato. I observed  astonished watching those pastry chefs as a child watches a toy. Over the years I made this passion my job.
  What was life like before Gelato making?
As I have always been a gelato chef I can say that before  there was only my childhood
 Do you have any passions outside of cooking? passions deal with creative activities. I like to create craft things, I like interior design, gardening…everything related  to aesthetics. The sense of beauty that I have got inside inspires me to create.
What is the most unusual flavor you have created that worked?
Here in Australia I created for a restaurant an alcoholic gelato made with red wine and wild berries. A good combination where you can taste in the beginning the wine finishing with  the flavor of the berries. 
Is there any celebrities you would love to work with if you had the opportunity?   
If I could choose a celebrity to work with I would love to make an experience with Chef Caviezel who is the master of  masters in gelato making.
Who or what inspires you to make this amazing Gelato?
Nature and earth  gifts are my inspiring muse. The main products to make my gelato are high-quality,natural  and healthy resources like fresh fruit, fresh milk. Also, when I make my gelato it comes to my mind the old pastry chefs that i used to watch as a child. 
What are your perceived plans for the future of Gelato? 
I think that the future of gelato is in linked to the attachment to the past traditions. It’s our duty to keep the old recipes and the traditional methods to guarantee a shining future of gelato. 
And finally what does it take to be a Master Gelato maker?
To be a good Gelato chef it is crucial to have passion and knowledge of all necessary ingredients to make gelato. Because making gelato means putting in to practice the principles of general chemistry, my teacher was a chemist before to be a Gelato chef. 

Final Words

To find the Melbourneyum-Alessio collaboration at Brunetti look for the Gelato fridge located at the front of Brunetti or kindly ask at the counter for the Melbournyum Gelato!Leave a comment and tell us what you thought of it ,we’d love to hear.

Well we must say “molte grazie!” and “arrivederci!”to Alessio Tavella—


Check out all of “Alessio Tavella” creations yourself @brunetticafe

Alessio Tavella

Instagram @Alessiogelato

Brunetti Carlton
380 Lygon street, Carlton Vic 3053, Australia
Sunday – Thursday: 6am – 11pm
Friday – Saturday: 6am – Midnight
T: (03) 9347 2801   F: (03) 9347 9281

@Melbourneyum  received  custom designed gelato as a gift from   @alessiogelato and @brunetticafe 

all opinions are honest and true and are based from our own experience.



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      Grazie per il tuo commento questo è meraviglioso per la colazione o in qualsiasi momento! 🙂

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      Thankyou ☺️we had so much fun doing it rose petals everywhere 🌹

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