What type of creature is created from the marriage between Cheese and Cider?Does the beast acquire a robust nasal tolerance towards the rich cheesy aromas?Or can their tongue cavity individually peel open flavor nodules located on the edges of the humble cider bubble? I’m sure with closer observation I might deduce a conclusive narrative around this social animal.

The annual Cheese and Cider festival part of the “Melbourne Food And Wine Festival” is back once again to smash our tasting buds to a pulp.Melbourneyum.com was invited to be your eyeball and ear at Werribee’s Cheese and Wine festival also known as “Fromage a Trois” (word play roughly meaning cheese cider and you) held at the historic Werribee mansion.

The festival has been going strong for some years now and is very much apart of the Wyndham vales landscape.

It now hosts a massive 60 vendors live music,free tastings, cooking demonstrations and more.

My biggest fear when going to these events is stomach space, will my eyes intentions match my body’s action plans and unite under one banner to win?

Weerribee Mansion itself has long since been a place where events and celebrations were held harking back to its original Scottish owners Andrew & Thomas Chirnside in 1815.

The Mansions 16th-century Italian Renaissance architecture overlooks the rose gardens like an ancient custodial guardian from the times long forgotten.
With such a beautiful setting and awesome historical background you couldn’t ask for a more appropriate setting.It all makes me smile as I plan to pa-rouse through the many stalls.

At the gates we were given our customary wine and cider tasting glass as well as a map pamphlet with the exhibitors and site layout,included on the booklet’s rear page was a passport area where stamps were placed to keep track of the alcohol you have taste tested.

Under the guise of the beautiful mansion we approached the white festival tents. Up first was the line of cheese exhibitors with various cheese on hand, with the familiar toothpick wielding cheese heads, we ducked bobbed and weaved the crowd and slipped a couple of cheesicles into our hungry gobs.

I enjoyed the mix of music this year ,it ranged from instrumentals singing and dj’s,overall It was some great sounding entertainment.

Onward into the taste testing of drinks. I went from tent to tent cup in hand grin on face.I tried so many local greats it was impossible to say which ones were the best.The vendors were great at making you feel relaxed and inputting us with information regarding their wares.

The Cheese and Cider festival also had some great food trucks as well and I think they really added to the day’s affair.

I thoroughly enjoyed the festival this year!
Even if you may have missed out this year’s “Fromage a Trois” it doesn’t mean you can’t see the next one as it gets better each year.

I’m sure to go again next year hope to see you there!

Werribee Park
Sun 6 Mar
$35 – $40
(03) 9742 0824


Melbourneyum.com attended “Fromage a Trois” as a guest of idcollective all opinions are honest and true and are based from our own experience.


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