Florals For Spring Fashion?


Miranda Priestly might disagree, but the surefire way to say “Adios” to winter and “OLE'” to spring fashion, by adding vibrant joyful florals to the wardrobe.And if you’re not privy to the quote , what kind of fashionista are you? The doctor has your prescription ready and It’s time you took your dose of The devil Wears Prada.

devilAlthough I like Pinks and Pastels I’m not a girly girl by any means.What with all those fussy prissy outfits adorned with the customary floral prints “hmm” they are definitely not my usual bag.So when the Fame and Partners maxi jumpsuit crossed my path, I became locked in its predatory stare. Frozen by its beauty my eyes caressed and respected its fiber a bold rose print with delicate cross-over straps radiating a tough-vibe.Romance devoid of tedious nature to which Spring Floras are known.It’s what puerile florals dream of becoming!

Floral Maxi Jumpsuit Spring FashionWhat I love most about this piece is its hybrid nature.Masquerading as a Maxidress whilst betraying its sophistication as a Jumpsuit The dual nature of the garment is apparent through its fit and flare silhouette. Truly stunning!

Floral Maxi Jumpsuit Gucci Como House Spring FashionNothing’s gonna slow this girl down.

This makes it the perfect piece for a spring picnic.But what good is the baby without the bathwater so by sheer happenstance I also found the perfect location.I location for lovers to be stung with the tip of cupids arrow.


I promise you romance will be in the air.

Stables of ComoThe stables of Como is the perfect place for weekend brunch, being k-9 friendly generates a huge tick in the old vade mecum.

But do tell me more oh wise one, what is this “Como House” you speak of? Well, dear readers, Como House is one of Melbourne’s historical sites.Built in the mid-1800’s by Edward Eyre Williams this was to be a love nest deriving its name from an Italian Lake “Como” where Ed first proposed to his beloved Jess awwww Ed you ole romantic!The estate has since been converted int o a trustee site so we can all enjoy the feeling of Romance.It still holds the original Mansion Gardens and the Horse stables(converted into a restaurant)with which you can dine.It is situated in south Yarra , Victoria.

Floral Maxi Jumpsuit Spring FashionBeing an architecture Aficionado I can’t get enough of these types of structures.Como House also holds architectural significance as perhaps Victoria’s most intact and complete examples of a 19th-century estate mansion.

Want to visit?

Como House is open to the public by guided tour on selected dates.

The Stables Como House Spring FashionThe Menu

The menu is thought out and crafted with a passion for excellence.Captivating both the sweet and savory creatures that dwell within us.The organic components of the cuisine are cultivated on the grounds via the organic kitchen garden, mere footsteps from the Chef’s bench.I’m sure I spied some foul laying their eggs for the people to enjoy.


As a disclaimer I take no responsibility for your diet should you encounter the sweets counter :p


Tastebud teasing wagon wheels designed to overload your delicate pleasure centers, musk sticks, giant meringue clouds & bountiful pastries .” umm was that my diet knocking at the door?hello, what diet?!”

Picnic & Play

Floral maxi jumpsuit Spring FashionPicnics are great but whats better than a Picnic?One that is prepared with everything you need.Seriously what’s better than that!

The Stables Como House Floral Maxi Jumpsuit Gucci Spring FashionThe Stables of Como can provide gourmet picnic & hamper service, complete with rugs, crockery and a blanket to keep you cozy (additional items can be hired on the day).The hampers on offer pack an abundance of menu items.It was a hard mission to complete but equally hard to stop.

The Stables Como House Spring FashionThe Stables Como house Spring FashionLater as I lay within the warm embrace of the sunshine basking like a cat on a sill.I thought “So this is what life is about, sharing food with my beloved.The feeling I’d discovered a secret gem encased within the majestic gardens, whilst in the wake of awe-inspiring architecture”.Content that I could finally let myself go, a chance to escape the grind.

Floral Maxi Jumpsuit Gucci Como House Spring Fashion

Floral Maxi Jumpsuit Gucci Como House Spring FashionFloral Maxi Jumpsuit Gucci Como House Spring FashionThe sun looked upon me with a smile and the fragrance of spring caressed the outer edges of my soft face , delicately forming a smile.I inhale the comforting scent emanating from deep from within the acres of manicured gardens.

iPhone Case Casetify custom glitter case Spring Fashion

Floral Maxi Jumpsuit Gucci Como House Spring FashionLets runaway together to lose ourselves once again in the gardens.

To book a picnic click below

The Stables of Como

Picnic Menu

San Pellegrino

Housemade organic soup

Pull apart parmesan + pesto scroll

Mac + cheese

Roasted pumpkin, pancetta, beetroot + goats curd tart

Pork + fennel sausage roll

Macaron by Josephine

Aggies lemonade scone with chantilly cream + artisanal jam

Shop your Spring picnic look at Lyst.

Floral Spring picnic outfits Spring Fashion1.Moschino Women’s Brown Ice Cream Silicon Iphone 5 Case

2.Erdem Women’s Black Floral-print Dress

3.Bee Goddess Women’s Metallic Ishtar Star Diamond Necklace

4.Carven Women’s Grey Floral Embroidered Sweatshirt

5.Serpui Women’s Natural Straw ‘riabun’ Bag

6.Free People Women’s Pink Cream Lipstick

7.Marni Women’s Lipstick Trouser

8.Lulu Guinness Womens BlackKooky Cat Coin Purse

9.Mango Women’s Pink Platform Velvet Sandals

10.Alexander McQueen Women’s White Victorian Floral Oversized Show Trainers

Floral Maxi Jumpsuit Gucci Como House Spring FashionFloral Maxi Jumpsuit Gucci Como House Spring FashionWearing 

The Cliff maxi jumpsuitFame and partners c/o 

Baked Signature Floppy HatTwo Baked Buns c/o

WatchRuby Lane Sydney original rose gold c/o

iPhone Case Casetify custom glitter case c/o

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Necklace Diamond By the Star Choker/Lariat – Gold Adinas Jewels 

Beauty Note 

On lips – One Wish (dusty pink nude)

Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection 


Baked Signature Floppy Hat Two Baked Buns Spring FashionThe Stables of Como

Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm (kitchen closes at 3pm)

Sunday 10am to 5pm (kitchen closes at 4pm)

Como House

Cnr Williams Road and Lechlade Avenue

South Yarra, Victoria


Gardens open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm.

View inside the house by tour only. House tours run every Saturday and Sunday at 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm and tickets can be purchased online 


House entry:
National Trust members: Free
Adult: $15
Concession: $12
Child (15 years & under): $9
Family (2 adults + 2 children): $35

In collaboration with Stables of Como and Lyst



  1. I’m in love with the fact that floral patterns are going to be on trend for fall and winter!! I’m loving this suit, it suits you perfectly and I love this pattern. Btw I LOVE photography in here, you look amazing!

  2. All pictures soo beautiful,avery thing you wearing that pretty. Picnic I can’t wait have is well. Thanks see you again ❤️

  3. This dress is amazing and it really suits you! I love floral chiffon dresses, they are perfect for spring/summer season and I usually wear them with with boots and open sandals.
    The entire look is so feminine, sexy and stylish and you look amazing too!


  4. Hi sweetie, I totally agree with Christine, this location looks like somewhere in Italy, I couldn’t love your jumpsuit a little more, it is so pretty and the fact thats floral makes it a total dream come true. Also, I’ve almost got a picnic basket very similar like the one you’re using here, it really seems like the perfect one..
    thank you for all the inspiration sweetie..

  5. I love everything about this! The dress, hat, picnic accessories (I love picnics!) etc. You take amazing photos and it looks like a perfect day out! I didn’t have the time to try The Stables of Como the last time I was in Australia, but I’ll be back!! The location’s simply perfect too!! Beautiful architecture and greenery. You look so posh!

    xx candi

  6. Omg this place looks so amazing. Booking a picnic? I’m so in! I wish they had something like this year. That sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday. And can we talk about that jumpsuit maxi girl. Va va voom. So sexy. I love florals all year round. No matter what Miranda priestly says.

  7. Love your hybrid jumpsuit. Loooking very comfy and is like a dress too. Ideal for picnic like the hat .How nice is it you’re going into the summer here in Italy is coming the winter lol. The picnic basket is ideal for any trip I would get a similar one .I never heard about Fame &Partners but I would check out their site to know more.

  8. I cannot believe I still haven’t shopped at Fame and Partners, after all their gorgeous pieces I have seen all on bloggers’ feeds. Jumpsuit maxis, for one, are so hard to pull off and I must say you have pulled it off quite nicely! That cross detailing at the bodice area is my favorite part! Also loving that basket bag 🙂

  9. Wow! I loved learning about Como House. What a perfect location for a Spring picnic! I absolutely adore that plates are made from the organic garden on site! Organic gardens always make me smile! Fame & Partners is definitely one of my absolute favorite custom places to shop. Every piece I have from them I truly love! This romper is so beautiful and it is quite literally made for you! Your picnic basket also caught my eye! It’s o cute! I definitely need one of those for spring time! Also, I love the inspiration you put together! I definitely want some those pieces! Your cooling in these images is absolutely wonderful! Beautiful my friend! You have me inspired for spring and it’s not even winter here yet!

    Manda | http://EvocativelyChosen.com

  10. This floral maxi jumpsuit is so gorgeous! At the first glance, I thought it was a dress, then I realized it’s actually a beautiful flowy jumpsuit as I scroll down Such a perfect piece to have for the upcoming Spring Carnivals in Melbourne. The lace up details with the deep V cut is so slay! Girl, if I have your body, I will be wearing deep V everyday =P

    xx, Jessie

  11. Seriously in love with that basket and could your outfit be more gorgeous for Spring?! And I definitely agree with Christine and loveeeeee those Italian/European summer vibes here. It’s like this could be for a Dolce & Gabbana commercial!!

    We’re also case buddies 😉 I have the gold glitter version and it keeps me entertained all the time haha!

    Helen xx

  12. I almost bought this dress from Fame & Partners last week!! I totally should have – it looks amazing on you! ….might have to buy it after all. ;-). What a lovely location for this shoot, makes me what to go have a picnic.

    Thanks for sharing lovely!

    J. x

    P.S. Your hat is everything!!

  13. I wish we had a summer season right now, that I can wear more floral printed dresses.
    Fame & Partners have a lot of beautiful dresses and tops. I would love to wear some of their maxi dresses. This hat looks also fun and stylish.


  14. Seriously in love with the jumpsuit. I always forget that Australia is opposite of us, but nonetheless, florals are in for Fall here! Haha. I think that jumpsuit with a leather jacket would look so perfect. I want to visit Australia one of these days and I’m adding the Como House to my bucket list. It’s so cute and the picnic is such a great idea!

    Maggie S.

  15. Loving your Spring inspo! That jumpsuit/dress hybrid is just amazing. And how pretty is that sweet necklace?! t’s so funny because I’m halfway around the world and just starting to put away my spring/summer wear as it’s finally starting to cool down over here. And I love a good picnic – your menu looks divine!

  16. That jumpsuit is such an amazing piece! I’m head over in heels in love with the print. It’s making me wish it were spring in the Northern hemisphere as well! That picnic looks like a dream.



  17. Hey beautiful,
    This is amazing! Personally, for me, florals are a MUST HAVE during spring. Even though it’s windy and maybe not the warmest I love how versatile florals can be. I love love your dress. The roses are so stunning. You also look totally gorgeous. I actually have a very similar dress, it’s a little bit shorter but it’s one of my favorites. The look is so casual yet so so cute. Thanks for sharing babe I loved it!

  18. How lucky that you guys have Spring now! These pictures look so dreamy and vibrant. I love your maxi floral dress. It is perfect for a picnic! Also how cute is your basket? You are dressed to be outdoors and are giving me chic vibes! xx shalini

  19. Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    Such a Cute Look for Picnic or Going out , The Floral Print is just Amazing:)
    Loved the Hat too:)
    Floral print is my Favorite:)
    Happy Sunday
    Kisses Karina

  20. I love the floral print, it is so beautiful! you look absolutely stunning and love how you styled it with the hat. All your pictures are magnificent. I love to wear florals all year round especially in Miami. They are my favorite pieces and they blend so well with the beautiful scenery.

    xx. Gina

  21. I’m a huge history nerd and love reading about places like this, especially as I’m about to visit Melbourne soon. I’ll make my friend take me there and hopefully I’ll make it to the sweets section without gaining too much weight just by looking at it, haha. As for wearing florals without being too girly, you’re doing a perfect job as you’re still keeping it edgy with a romantic twist to it! All the pictures look so calm and serene and I do envy the fact that you Aussies are entering summer soon! Haha
    Thomas xx

  22. Wow! I love seeing these gorgeous floral patterns. This dress looks absolutely stunning on you, and the sun hat has me looking forward to Spring. This is such a cute look for a picnic or a day out. I could totally see myself wearing this.

    ~xo Sheree

  23. Oh wow, I love every single detail of the outfit and of this beautiful location. If I wouldn’t know better, it totally looks and has that Italian vibe! What an amazing backdrop to show off this beautiful lace up floral dress. I love the picnic idea and the basket you have – so chic. The necklace is dainty and such an eye catcher as well. I’ve been hearing so much about Fame & Partners and need to check out their pieces for some events I have coming up. You look stunning and the lighting is amazing in all of these captures. xoxo, Christine

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