Erdem x H&M 2017 collection.

Luxury London fashion label Erdem has collaborated with Swedish retailer H&M. The collection, which features 87 ready-to-wear pieces, is finally available to buy at select H&M stores around Australia, as well as online.


Erdem joined forces with H&M to launch a collection for women, and for the first time, a collection for men too.With so many event appropriate pieces in this collection, the timing is perfect for the upcoming spring racing/party season. 

Erdem-H&M-MelbourneA collection of brocade coats,  floral dresses, high-necked white lace blouses with pleats and frills, a mock croc handbag, tweed trousers and mohair sweaters.

Erdem Collection MelbourneErdem-H&M-MelbourneMy Top 5 picks from the collection 

1.Leopard Print Coat

erdem-x-hm-Leopard Print JacketErdem-X-H&M-Melbourne-Leopard-Print-Coat

It was difficult to ignore the hypnotic gaze my face betrayed when I first stumbled across the images online. I knew full well “I must have this!”. It’s very 80’s glam.A standout piece with versatile characteristics for the wardrobe. You can dress-up almost any item with this comfortable jacket.Faux fur is my friend. Unfortunately, a majority of faux fur presents itself in a scabrous and cheap light. Erdem quality surpasses the latter being soft to the touch while visually flaunting luxury.

2.Mens Trench 


Erdem Mens Trench H&MA good quality solid trench, a must-have for any man in your life. The tailored excellence is apparent with heavy lapels rugged wrist cuffs & removable lining. The piece easily betrays a sophisticated more masculine demeanor. But at a $449AU price point, I would expect to have usable outer pockets.

What is there a shortage of material in the fabric factory?

3.The Hoodie 

erdem-x-hm-Grey Hoodie

Either in grey or black (unfortunately black was unavailable).This piece is casual chic favoring a natural habitat post gym or caz weekend.  An adaptable hoodie that can be paired with kicks and jeans providing comfort and warmth.

4.The Sequined Black Floral Slip Dress

erdem-x-hm-sequined black floral slip dress


With festive party season upon us this dress will be a hot item for those events.

Plus in black it’s somewhat slimming.

5.Floral boots

erdem-x-hm-Floral BootsSimilar to Doc Martens with a splash of spring, these boots would look super cool with slip dresses for that 90s chic look.

Five Important Survivalist Shopping Skills

Five tips on how to battle the crowds and come back successful from any limited edition release.H&M has a ticketing system for these kinds of collaborations. You are given a colored wristband which indicates what time you are allowed to shop the collection.This is a first in first served queuing system so be sure to get there early.Which is quite handy as once you have your wristband you can relax and come back to the store when the call time for your wristband is.

Erdem H&M Melbourne1.Set your alarmalarm clockThe store opens at nine yes there are the diehard fans who camp out the night before.But that’s not me girlfriend.The sweet spot I’ve found is two hours beforehand its plenty of time to get all the items you want.

Erdem-H&M-MelbourneThis year I arrived half an hour beforehand, and still emerged with all the items I wanted.Depending on how popular the collection is, I would advise arriving 2 hours earlier as most pieces will be gone like hotcakes.This will not guarantee you landing that coveted item, which is what I learnt during my Alexander Wang jaunt..But honestly, I’m not waiting any longer than that.


2.Be prepared 

Know what you want before you go in.Google the collection weeks before it hits the store and make a short list of items you cannot live without and possible maybes.Once in the store make a beeline for those must-have items , after you have snagged those you can check out whatever else has caught your eye.

Erdem-H&M-Melbourne3.Know your size for that retailer.

You have ten minutes to shop in-store and in a small space and mad dash its easy to get confused so grab those pieces on your list.Be quick because stocks are limited. One piece per style is the rule for the change room so if you make a mistake on the sizing and try it on by that time it could be gone.

Knitted mohair-blend jumper Tweed coat Jacquard-patterned jacket4.Pack Light

The night before choose your clothing wisely.And ensure you have packed lightly. You will need all your mobility. I highly recommend something that’s easy to take on and off lightweight yet warm enough to brave the elements. Pack your bag with a good pair of sunglasses. It hides a multitude of sins plus you look fabulous, and A bottle of water keeps you hydrated while you wait.


5.Take a friend 

You will be less bored standing in line with your shopping buddy.They can also help you hold stuff and mind your belongings.

But the main benefit is doubling up the amount you can buy per person, bypassing the limitation; which is one piece per style with a maximum of 5 pieces per person ., If they’re not buying even better!more for you 🙂 I think I’ll call my mum next time heh.


Leave a comment below with your favorite pieces from the collection, did you manage to get the items you were after?

H&M x Erdem is available in both the Sydney (Pitt Street), Melbourne (GPO, Bourke Street) and Perth (GPO) H&M stores from Thursday, November 2 and online.



  1. Gosh!! All I can say is I’m so in love. This collection is fun, chic, and extremely creative. So inspirational. The leapord coat is stunning and is something I’d love to wear out for a fun night in the town. I hope it can makes it way to the US, I think this is an experience I need to accompany accomplish asap

  2. This collection is a dream, nothing I love more than floral dresses and white lace blouses with pleats and frills. They’re so cute that I will wake up early to go shopping as one of the firsts..I adore you 5 favorites and my favorite among them is the leopard coat aww so pretty!!!! and the floral boots are super cute as well, i have some floral heels and every time I wear people always compliment them so for sure those booties are a winner so versatile..thank you so much for sharing this review so inspiring

  3. I was lucky enough to preview the collection here in NYC and after the presentation the crowd went nuts when it was time to shop! Literally grabbing entire racks. Mind you there were limits but people were trading whatever they had LOL. Insanity. My friend and I took a peek and walked away. There were a few pieces that caught my eye but it was still pretty pricey for H&M clothing. I’d rather find real Erdem on sale for the same $200-300. But the florals were gorgeous and displays so impressive. I’m impressed that your experience was so civilized. Great shopping tips! I loved that little bag and the matching croc embellished shoes – and there was a lace dress that was calling my name…

  4. I absolutely adore the Erdem collab H&M are doing and that commercial alone take me back to ‘Brideshead Revisited’ which it obviously pays tribute to. As for the collection itself I love all the prints they have for men and that leopard could work on me too. I did for once not get anything from an H&M collab, but now I’m kind of bummed out I didn’t….
    As for your survival tips, it’s a jungle out there, but with the queuing system with color codes for different times to enter they’ve made at least that part easier. As for the rest, that’s probably what kept me from going this time as I’ve had my hands full. Your choices were some of my fave choices from the collection too. 🙂
    Thomas xx

  5. I was so impressed with this collection! It might be one of my fav H&M collabs yet!! I am in love with that leopard print coat! Especially back with the sequin slip. And I have to say, how gorgeous are the shopping bags.

    Thanks for sharing lovely & I can’t wait to shop up a storm in H&M.

    J. x

  6. Oh my god I want all the things! That grey coat looks amazing. And those shoes! Everytime H&M has a collab I never get around to buying things. I’ll have to see if I can make a stop this weekend when I’m in the city! Thanks for sharing

  7. For the first time, I was able to see an actual H&M collection up close. Before, I lived in a city where we didn’t have a store and it was always an epic fail to try and score something online. This is one of my favorite collabs thus far! I especially love that leopard coat and I must say it is of excellent quality, as I got the opportunity to try it on 🙂

  8. This collection is absolutely divine 🙂 I adore all the pieces you chose- especially that sequin floral slip dress. I agree that it was made to be rocked during the festive season. I’ve never shopped a collection like this before so your tips were really interesting to read. People who camp outside the night before are literally crazy! I probably wouldn’t cue for longer than a couple of hours either. 10 mins sounds like a bit of a challenge- so you did really well to snag all the pieces you were after.

    Rachel xx

  9. So excited for the Erdem x H&M collection! I saw different posts on Instagram regarding the launching. Can’t wait to see all the amazing designs. I absolutely adore the pieces you picked, that fur is amazing, totally chic! Thanks for shring those shopping tips, I’m completely sure that they will be helpful for everyone .
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your day!

  10. What a truly incredible collection and it seems to be that I’m not the only one that agrees with that! The line to shop it looks amazing, exciting, and exhausting all at the same time. Love your tips to help it be a favorable experience and to get the items you are yearning for. Also, it’s wonderful that they have a guide chart to help you along. Not to mention your suggestion of bringing af friend! Time always passes more quickly when you’re with a friend! The sequin dress is the standout piece for me! It looks incredibly phenomenal on you! I’ve never really shopped H&M much less a collection and it seems that I’ve been missing out on so much goodness! How wonderful is that amazing coat? I love fur fur fur in all patterns and this is such a standout pieces! I’ve loved seeing this preview on your IG and I was so thrilled to read more about it here! Also, your gif! It literally made me LOL!

    Manda |

  11. Such a good advices and organization. The collection is amazing love the cot and the floral camisole dress. The bag is so chic and timeless . Last year when I was at Milano for Kenzo find apt of caos. Stocking traffic . So I left .

  12. Oh my goodness isn’t this collection amazing?? You’re so right that the Victorian / englishman-esque vibes of the collection are perfect for the season and current trends. And literally every item you chose are the EXACT same ones I wanted as well! While I had the opportunity to attend a preview event and shop the collection early, I still failed to snag any of those! II had been especially eyeing that sequin dress and sweatshirt but they are sold out everywhere eek. But so glad you got your hands on some, especially that leopard coat which you styled so beautifully 🙂 And thanks so much for all of the great shopping tips! I’ve never shopped H&M collections before so knowing about that ticketing system is especially helpful. And of course, definitely key to scope it out beforehand online to know exactly what pieces to target! I’ll definitely heed your advice for shopping the next collection 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing babe!

    xo Soo |

  13. These pieces are so stunning! I’ve been seeing so much about this launch on Instagram, so I am so happy to find out more about it. I love all the floral elements to each of the looks, and that each one has it’s own unique flair. I will definitely be checking out this collection!

    ~xo Sheree

  14. I am so jealous that you got into the collection and that you scored some pieces! I’ve been waiting for this collection and there are so many amazing things. I LOVE all your picks including that leopard coat and the hoodie! The floral boots are so cute too. I also was eyeing the high neck floral dresses. Too many things to buy! I am hoping that some people return stuff so that I can get at least one thing lol. You are so lucky babe and I love this look and that AMAZING coat! xoxo, Christine

  15. Hey Darling,

    Ohhh Love the Erdem
    collection, So Amazing:)
    The Floral Prints just Amazing, Love this trend so much:)
    Your Fur Jacket is like a Dream:)
    Want one so much:)
    I have to check out this collection, Love it so much:)
    Happy Week
    Love Kisses

  16. I love this post! I remember seeing you at the launch on your Instagram! I was excited for the Erdem x H&M collection, but was so sad to find out that they weren’t in US stores. I’ll have to check online. You scored some great items! I love all of the floral prints and your fur jacket! Your shopping tips are great, especially knowing your size in advance. This saves you from going through the long changing lines.

    Thanks for sharing!


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