Eat Fit Food 10 day Clean & Lean program review.

EFF-eatfitfood-diet-deliveryfood-Clean & Lean Program

With summer here and the festive season nearly upon us.
The timing to embark upon the Eat Fit Food plan could not have fit more perfectly.
I choose to eat healthy the majority of the time but during Christmas with the family, I like many indulge in delicious food.
The Australian Christmas also coincides with bikini season, yet another beneficial reason to reset to your dieting habits.We all want to look good in a bikini right? Enter Eat Fit Food.

“I have to say after trying numerous healthy food delivery company’s EFF is one of the best.”EFF-eatfitfoodEat Fit Food

A little background on Eat Fit Food.
A healthy meal delivery company which delivers to Sydney & Melbourne.
Prepared by Chefs their programs are nutritionally balanced and approved by dietitians with fresh ingredients & produce, including locally farmed, ethically sourced meat & fish.
All meals are portion and calorie controlled with zero additives, no refined sugar and plenty of healthy fats + Superfoods.

EFF-eatfitfood-diet-deliveryfood-Clean & Lean Program Ten-day Clean & Lean program.

This program gives your digestive system a well-earned rest and helps your body to absorb the nutrients from food more efficiently. You will continuously be fuelling your body with proteins, good fats, and carbs, so you have the energy to reach your health and fitness goals. It’s all about keeping your body full of natural, clean, unprocessed foods.
This program consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks daily, delivered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Approximately 1400 calories per day.
EFF-eatfitfood-diet-deliveryfood-Clean & Lean Program

You don’t feel like you are on a Diet!

Not only are you excited to go to the fridge to try your next tasty meal, it also feels like a healthy Cafe’ delivered its wares to you. This Diet avoids the arduous journey into the hunger void, begging for it to be over.

 Most times when eating we are not actually hungry, we just succumb to mindless snacking forgetting what the real hunger feels like.

EFF-eatfitfood-diet-deliveryfood-Clean & Lean Program

It’s too easy when shopping to sneak a few naughty treats when preparing your own food for the week.
I love eating healthy food but hate cooking, I also like not having naughty options available when I reach into the fridge.
Seriously thou the last thing you want to after a long day at work, is to start cooking a meal from scratch. And to add insult to injury the dreaded wraith of doing the dishes  :(. Having all the prep provided is not only a fantastic convenience but when you stick to everything they provide you’re guaranteed to lose weight.
EFF-eatfitfood-diet-deliveryfood-Clean & Lean Program
EFF isn’t just for those who want to lose weight there are plans to suit individual goals.
The longer you follow a plan with EFF the more weight you would lose. Your body will find equilibrium naturally gravitating towards its natural weight.
I lost 2kg without much exercise as I’m recovering from knee and back issues.
EFF-eatfitfood-diet-deliveryfood-Clean & Lean Program
 During the meal plan, I didn’t feel overly hungry. I found the meal portions smaller yet ultimately satisfying.
The protein balls were absolutely delicious, and the EFF bars and breakfasts were also amazing.
I always looked forward to trying out each new meal.
Having something different each day was great for the variety gland.
EFF-eatfitfood-diet-deliveryfood-Clean & Lean Program


EFF-eatfitfood-diet-deliveryfood-Clean & Lean Program

 So when the ten-day Diet finally draws to the end I’ll be heavyhearted, it was so lovely having delicious food prepared, backed with the knowledge my nutrition was taken care of. A single bead of sadness trickles down my cheek, I guess its time for me to cook, clean up and scribble shopping lists onto swatches of paper again.
 I would 100% use EFF services in the future, the food is deliciously fresh and not frozen.
I knew my health needs were being taken care of which put my mind at ease.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, and I’m more then happy to answer.
Post in collaboration with Eat Fit Food.


  1. This sounds awesome! This will be the perfect service to try after the holidays to be back on track. The best thing is that the meals are fresh and tasty so it looks like an enjoyable experience. I’m so happy that you found a plan that works for your lifestyle . I just tried a similar meal prep service here in San Diego in order to stay fit. Sometimes because of the hectic pace of life I don’t have time to eat as healthy as I want to.
    Happy holidays!


  2. This is probably something I’ll need once I’ve had bubba! I’ll need an exercise and food regimen to get me fitting back into my old wardrobe and I’m determined to do this in just a month! Sounds like the perfect program because I hate feeling like I’m on a ‘diet’

    H xx

  3. Eating healthier is so much easier and effective when the food is preprepared. It helps you to stay on track to meeting health and fitness goals too! I wonder if EFF is available in the states too? It sounds so convenient for busy folks, or even moms who don’t have time to run to the store. Local ingredients are definitely what I need in my diet. They don’t have all those chemicals and unnecessary ingredients usually!

  4. Thank you for posting this post early!! i’m sure everyone is going to need this after the big eats during the festival season. Now I know that I have 10 day clean lean program ahead, I can eat all I want for this Christmas! isn’t that great 🙂 On top of that, I would like to do this every second month for next year!! Need to build that into my new year’s resolution. Thanks for sharing babe.

    xx, Jessie

  5. Jacqueline Reply

    This sounds so amazing. I’ve never tried a food delivery service. But i hear such amazing things. I’d love to try one out sometime. It makes cooking easier and there’s so many benefits

  6. Great idea to eat healthy. I know sometimes we are not hungry maybe we’re thirsty and we doesn’t drink enough water. If you drink a lot water your body stabilize your hungry. To eat carbs wit proterins makes that your insuline level keeping constant you don’t have need to eat so fast because thri gives you a longer and slow lee absorption.

  7. I have to say, I wish this was in the states. First of all, I love any program that takes the work out of it if you want to. I’m so busy and where I fall off the wagon is definitely when I have to spend 2 hours plus prepping and cooking. Also, let me just say that I’m thankful it’s not bikini season here during the holidays because that’s definitely my indulgent time too! I really love that they give you guidelines on how to space out everything that way you stay satisfied!

    Manda |

  8. This sounds like exactly what I need. Do they do US delivery too LOL? Everything looks so pretty and satisfying. I usually binge when I’m hungry and don’t have anything prepared. I start with my kids leftovers and it’s all downhill from there…

  9. Wow, this Eat Fit Food sounds like a great deal! I am a vegan myself so it’s important for me to keep an eye on what’s new in the market. I wish we had something like this in Berlin. We have a lot of healthy vegan cafes and restaurants, but when it comes to the food delivery, it’s always nice to have something like that!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  10. I really want so bad to subscribe to healthier option to cook at home, but didn’t see anything like that in my new home town. In the States, we had several different companies and I always enjoying cooking. I am so jealous, that it is so warm in AU when entire world is freezing right now 😉

  11. This seems like such a delicious meal plan! I love all the yummy options they included, and that they make eating healthy effortless. I’m glad you enjoyed this experience. This is definitely something I need to try out when summer rolls around here!

    ~xo Sheree

  12. Hey Sweetie
    How are you?
    Eat Fit Food is Amazing, For me being healthy is sooo Important:) Definitely want to try this:)
    Sounds sooo Interesting:)
    Wish you Happy Week
    Kisses Karina

  13. I soooo need this right now! I don’t want to cook, but I need healthy foods for a healthy pregnancy. I love how easy it is for you to use this and I love that EFF uses healthy, fresh and local ingredients that are not processed and loaded with hidden sugars and fats. Eating clean really heals your body and helps you lose weight! Glad you could see the benefits from it. 🙂

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