The Dr Dream Experience

Dr Dream Treatments Testing Laser Peel and LTTT Treatments

Recently I was offered a well deserved beauty treatment courtesy of Dr Dream, Essendon’s premier cosmetic treatment centre.

This was a great opportunity to road test some of the treatments I’d normally not been able to explore.And the fact I could quite possibly chisel off  years in the process was more than enough to entice me.

Dr Dream Skin Care

Being part of the beauty industry I know first and foremost how important one’s appearance is, looking fresh faced and youthful 24/7 is a must.This becomes prevalent when I meet people for the first time or they stumble across my images via social media.First impressions are often times very powerful and play a crucial role during negotiations or engagement opening up important dialogue and networking opportunities.Regardless,everyone can benefit from looking fresh faced and youthful whether you’re in the social lime light like me or just like to keep your skin  looking fabulous.

Dr dream first opened its doors in Melbourne 2012 offering the latest technologies from Korea with unique treatments tailor made for your skin type.Currently Korea is the world’s leading experts in cosmetic beauty treatments from the major to the minor and it was now time for Australia to share in the secrets of eternal youth from the masters.Dr Dream is an ever expanding venture with a bright vision for the future educating all of us about the skin we are in.

Dr Dream Logo


The location of the clinic is easy to find being located close to Moonee ponds and a stone’s throw from highpoint at 211A Buckley Street Essendon it has off street parking and Bus options via public transport.

Entering the clinic I did not know what to expect.The first thing I noticed though was the large volume of clients this place sure was busy with people from all walks of life.The customer service is another point worth mentioning  as it was very good at providing a warm welcoming vibe.

The clinic is well lit clean and modern radiating a gently “feng shui” flow making the old and new feel immediately at ease.

After a short wait I was taken to the consultion room where I meet Anla Tan the owner operator of Dr Dream Australia who proceded to discuss my various skin concerns and what kind of treatments I would benefit from the most.Im glad Anla was so transparent and honest with me on which improvements I needed because lets face it you cant improve anything if sugar coat the truth.

We eventually culminated an attack strategy opting for the Laser peel and Led light therapy.I felt like Anla was my personal trainer at a Skin Gym,and like any Gym there are no cheap and nasty shortcuts to getting great long lasting results.

Anla is not just a strong business women who talks the talk but she also walks the walk knowing all there is to know about skin rejuvenation with it being very much part of her own story after suffering a major car crash.

Anlas story

Anla Chang Dr Dream

Anla has a inspirational story about her road to recovery after a near fatal car accident reminding me of my own accident from which I’m still suffering today.In which she lost a large portion of her mobility and beauty ,something you would never believe unless you saw the pictures of her accident yourself.

The recovery she underwent was about to turn the western medical establishment on its head defying doctors prognosis of not being able to walk as soon as she did or look as she once did again.

The Treatments

Laser Skin Peel-

Laser skin peel uses a Spectral laser wand which I’m told is great for removal of skin pigmentation, fine lines and scarring,with lasting results.

Dr Dream Pre clean facial

As I lay waiting in the treatment room the butterflies in my stomach began to play in anticipation of having my brand new baby fresh skin.

Prior to the laser procedure the face is lightly cleansed and cleaned then application of a carbon face mask which is a key component that reacts with the frequency of the two types of lasers.

This in turn stimulates healthy collagen production and tightens skin.Here’s the procedure in action–


After the laser treatment the application of an ice pack followed by the DR Dream Rose mask is needed which cools and regenerates the affected area thus avoiding that dreaded red raw shiny face look!


No downtime so no one will be the wiser to your amazing laser peel antics!Except for the glowing skin, you could even get it done during your lunch break!

In the past my usual microdermal facials have left me looking like I walked into a car wash naked.Thankfully this time is the exception.

  • Does it hurt? As the laser hit certain parts of my face(mainly my large pore zones) I did feel slight pain that was quick lasting,but trivial in comparison to waxing.The pain is reminiscent of tiny electrical static flicks.
  • How Long? Takes approx 1hr
  • Down time? None you leave and you’re good to go with fresh smooth skin after the treatment Anla foundation is applied,which has a SPF in it to protect your fresh new skin from the suns damaging UV light.It is a light foundation that gives the appearance of wearing nothing at all.
  • Is it worth it? Yes 100% my skin was glowing smooth like velvet, It honestly looked and felt younger and more refined.


(LLLT) or Low-Level Light Therapy

This unique procedure uses coloured light wavelengths that heal your skin and bones on a subcellular level promoting faster healing and also giving relief from arthritic conditions and muscular pains.

Dr Dream LLLT

  • Does it hurt? Not at all
  • Down time? The only downtime is getting the procedure done, typical treatment time approximately 30 mins
  • How often? To receive the full benefits of the (LLLT) light therapy it is recommended to have 1-2 treatments per week 
  • Is it worth it? Yes,I immediately felt the healing properties take effect with the first 24hrs.Not needing to take any painkillers until 4pm the next day! Truly amazing as i take very strong medication frequently to alleviate my arthritic conditions.Not only that I slept like a baby which I’m told is also a characteristic of the therapy itself.

I tried the light therapy not only on my face but on my knees and lower back where I’ve suffered continuous chronic pain for over a year now.Only people with chronic pain will understand that even several hours pain free is life changing.

Using the LLLT worked and for good reason it apparently heals the body on a cellular level penetrating deep below the many layers of skin.Prior to the LLLT treatment I had been seeing a physio for years as well as a knee specialist each making me feel more alone and helpless to the whims of my pain.

All treatments at Dr dream are accompanied with there custom range of beauty products of which I choose Rose.

These are massaged into your face neck and shoulders with several skin replenishing agents/oils making you feel like a cat relaxing in the sun.

Dr Dream Products

Final Thoughts

When Anla’s competent team had finished working their magic I could not help but stare continuously at my skin in the mirror it really did look amazing,granting me my lost confidence to go ‘au natural and only needing light mascara.

My mother is not one to hold back from the truth and told me via Facetime “you have the skin of a doll”serving only as a testament to how awesome Dr Dream is.The skin treatment is unparalleled to any other I have had before.

Anla is a professional standing on her front foot with the latest beauty techniques to keep us all radiant & healthy she tells me each person who comes in is as important as the next caring about everyone who sees her. She is akin to me believing in what she does channeling her love and enthusiasm into her dream.

Anla with Natalia K


She also got me onto using her Dr dream Rose skincare range from korea.Did i mention the packaging is blush pink with rose gold!

Let’s not pretend that packaging is unimportant,sure I want skincare to do the job but I also want it to look good in my bathroom not like a weird topical cream that doctors would prescribe.

So Can you turn back the clock with Laser?I think so

anlaproducts dr dream

I will be making a series of follow up blogs tracking my progress,looking at various other treatments.

Thankyou Dr dream you have made a difference in my life 🙂

dr. dream Australia,

211A Buckley Street
Essendon Vic 3040

Parking Street Parking

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday Closed

Closed Sundays, public holidays and during the holiday season.

dr. dream Australia

St Albans 

  147/149 Furlong Rd, St. Albans VIC 3021

Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday Closed

Closed Sunday, public holiday and holiday season.

Visit their website here DR DREAM



  1. Please tell me this amazing service is available elsewhere too! Now I want to fly to Australia just for this clinic! You made it sound amazing, and I loved how you walked us through every step from start to finish. I’m currently using an at-home laser device, but I don’t think the results could ever compare to these professional results. The light therapy also sounds truly amazing, and your pain alleviation is such an amazing result. Finally, I have to comment on that fabulous packaging of the products. It looks so luxurious, and I would love to try it all one day! Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

    xo Soo |

    • melbourneyum Reply

      I’ve heard LED therapy is good for so many things which is why I’ll be coming back for more treatments.
      They also have a parent company, dr. dream Korea, which is ranked as Korea’s Number 1 plastic surgery and aesthetic treatment group.

  2. I just saw this in E news everyone in Hollywood is doing and it’s super amazing! It is about $750usd in the US. Im not sure how much is it here in Canada! Looking forward on seeing the results!


  3. I’ve heard about laser procedures before but was always afraid that they will hurt. However since you are sayin these cause almost no pain I’m willing to consider doing it myself! Your skin looks amazing and I want this baby doll skin myself!

  4. This sounds absolutely amazing. I haven’t had one done before and honestly, I’m well overdue for a skin care spa day and especially since I’m so about keeping my skin youthful. Loved hearing your review of this and glad you gave me a pain scale because I’m always a bit hesitant when it comes to treatments like this because of the pain and irritation that may occur. Great post!

    Manda |

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience! I’ve always wanted to try a laser skin peel, but was always nervous! I am glad to hear that there is no down time and that you can walk out of the office fresh. Going to book an appointment in LA for this week!

    Happy 2017!

  6. This sounds so amazing! I’m always so scared to try facials! I have extremely sensitive and dry skin so I’ve always been weary. Love the rose line too! I need to try it out

  7. A laser peel has been on the top of my list for LONG as I’m not getting any younger, but it wasn’t until I read this thorough and informative post that I figured out that I will need to get one done as the results seem to be very very very good! And that was a good choice of a clinic as well it seems! 🙂

  8. This is truly amazing! Both you and Anla are such strong amazing woman and so inspiring! I have never heard of this before and I really welcome all this valuable information! It sure does sound like a dream!

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Happy new year gorgeous thanks 🙏🏻 girl I loved how smooth my skin was after !!

  9. You are so unbelievably amazing and inspiring! I did not really know much about laser peels or led light and I am truly impressed. Both you and Anla are strong, beautiful, intelligent woman with so much to offer and this procedure is definitely a miracle ! You look absolutely amazing !

  10. ericatironi2014 Reply

    wow i want to try it, you have a perfect skin babe! I need to treat my acne scars! thanks for sharing it 🙂
    Have a great day 🙂

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Thanks lovely It’s amazing what great Skin can do for your confidence

  11. I so want to try that laser peel and light treatment now. You skin looks soooo amazing babe! It’s time I got rid of the discoloration and treat my skin better in 2017. Thanks for sharing!

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Thanks lovely I only wish I had done it sooner I couldn’t stop Staring at my skin in the mirror afterwards

  12. Your skin looks so flawless after the laser treatment Natalia! I’m currently undergoing Q-Switched Laser Treatments to treat my acne scars.. It did help a little but I’m still monitoring my progress 😉 Thanks for sharing with us your experience & have a great weekend ahead 😉

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Thanks Aldora having great skin is really important for confidence !good luck with the treatments.Let me know how you go with them happy holidays lovely

    • melbourneyum Reply

      Isn’t it amazing now that summers here I’ve been using it quite often and boy does it feel good on a 30° day

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