Cocktails and Canvas

There’s a new art therapy haven in the inner burbs of Melbourne which will recharge your body and re-ignite your creativity gland.Come and relax at “Cocktails and Canvas” for some traditional cognitive and medicinal therapy.

Cocktails and canvas located in Moonee Ponds offers you and your friends the chance to join an exclusive art class in a warm relaxed environment with cocktails and food on offer.

What is Cockails & Canvas

Cocktails and Canvas is a street-front art Studio founded by Melinda Janiszewski and run by four great art teachers .Open since March 14 2013 it has been injecting color into the pond for sometime now,stimulating the local art and entertainment scene.Melinda would love to expand across Australia and quite possibly form a franchise model in the future, she already plans to open another venue soon.

Tonight we here at wanted to check out this Sip and Paint themed venue for ourselves, as we’ve always been avid art enthusiasts and enjoy being involved with exciting things happening around Melbourne.

Ive found that Art is a language of the soul and whether you’re doing it solo,together or as a group there’s a real connection that you wouldn’t otherwise get.This is what I call the “golden time for the mind’s eye”,the place where your ideas and inner expressions transform themselves into something real and tangible.

We were seated and we choose a cocktail each from the menu,the Mona Lychee Martini and The Scream.We also received an airline hostess style orientation which gave us useful information including the venue guidelines and where the facilities were among other things.

Then the paint pilgrimage began….

Camilla was our guiding light in the wilderness of Art ,she started by giving us a brief intro and then flew into the nuts and bolts.

Todays theme was Great Ocean Roads Twelve Apostles.

We started with painting the basic sky color and it moved on progressively from there.I reached for my first sip of my cocktail…

As soon as the nectar touched my lips I felt my shackles suddenly fall free.Flowing through me like an electrical storm, expressing itself through the flow of paint from the tip of my brush to the surface my canvas,years of bundled up creativity burst out releasing a torrent of emotions suppressed for far too long under a husk of working life layers.

Of  the cool things I discovered when I laid claim to the canvas was anybody can do this, if they give it a try! With a sure and steady hand I moved on painting, listening to the music and following Camilla’s art direction.Smile in tow

Cocktails&Canvas hold a host of events check them out >here<

The price of classes vary but are well worth it,considering some of the classes last 3hrs.They are able to cater to the needs of  many function types including Hens Nights ,Birthdays VIP parties and more.


I’ve never really considered myself to be a canvas painting bipedal being, but with a kind guiding hand I managed to surprise myself with my painting of the Great Ocean Roads Twelve Apostles.

I would love to go there next time with mum and have some mother daughter bonding or perhaps a fun girls day out with a cocktail sipping cosmo fest, so come down and get yer Van Gogh on.Who knows you may be holding back a hidden talent.

Check out “Cocktails and Canvas” today

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Cocktails & Canvas Art Studio

601 Mt Alexander Road

Moonee Ponds 3039

(03) 9370 9959 was a guest of Cocktails and Canvas & Little Big Epic Melbourne all opinions are honest and true and are based from our own experience.


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