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I’ve been living in Melbourne since I was 18 and Brunswick was my hood.
My favourite thing about living in Brunswick was the cafe culture.IMO the best cafes on my doorstep,literally walking distance.

Every weekend Id check out the latest and greatest in and around my suburb.

Enjoying my weekend in a converted house or old milk bar sitting on milk crates with exposed brick walls hipsters a plenty and great food and coffee.
Flash forward five years and these days I’m now a westsider due to the price of living and family obligations etc.

The biggest shock for the foodie in the Westside Is the long drive times ,around 30 min for a decent cafe which was a hard pill to swallow.
Sometimes one just wants to make a short trip to appease the God of hunger.
We all deserve good quality food in a cosy but cool cafe,is that too much to ask for?
In the last few years things have slowly been improving in the west , new cafes with a cool upbeat vibe have been opening up much too my joy.

So when I heard there was a cafe which was opening , 15 minutes away from me which was serving Top Paddock inspired hot cakes I knew I had to check this place out!

Delectable  Kwak scrolls get delivered each and every Tuesday
If you live on the west side not many locations stock these scrumptious morsels either.

Werribee Blackseed Cafe


Black Seed Cafe is located on 133 Watton Street the main shopping strip in Werribee amongst the kebab shops and $2 stores, there’s a few
cafes to choose from on this street but before this one opened I’d go to Chatterbox Cafe which has decent food and is popular with the locals.
Werribee is improving on the food front with Truck Stop Deluxe created by Melbourne’s burger Elite which is on the same street can’t wait to check that one out.

As you enter Black Seed Cafe which is family run your greeted by friendly and attentive staff who seem to really care about making you feel welcome and at home.

The atmosphere is a mix of fitness types mixed with locals and mums with strollers.
The fit out is cosy but small with an exposed brick wall and a pastry cabinet at the front counter with Kwak scrolls and other assorted

The menu has a lot of options whether you like sweet or savoury which is great.A menu that doesn’t have sweet options is not my kinda cafe.
From the All day menu we ordered the Ricotta,Blueberry hotcakes with pure maple,textures of berries,mascarpone cream,seeds & nuts.

Great presentation, the dish is moist full of flavour & texture from the seeds & nuts.Mascarpone makes this a very enjoyable dessert
breakfast.These hotcakes are large so bring an empty stomach!

Ricotta BlueBerry Hotcakes

Ricotta BlueBerry Hotcakes Blackseed Cafe

If your feeling like more of a traditional savoury breakfast dish then the Dukkah smashed avocado will really hit the spot with goats cheese,cherry tomatoes,noisette sourdough & homemade beetroot relish jam
I added some sides to my dish roasted mushroom & a hash brown and was disappointed when the hash brown turned out to be one of the “frozen” kind if it’s on the menu and its $3 I’m expecting a hearty homemade one.

*The owners have assured me that they now are serving homemade hashbrowns

The dish had a tablespoon of beetroot relish it could have done with more.

Dukkah Smashed Avocado

Dukkah Smashed Avocado Blackseed Cafe

Dukkah Smashed Avocado Blackseed Cafe


Onto the lunch choices I had the Black seed Burger with brioche bun,cheese, caramelised onion,beef,tomatoes, radicchio w wedges sweet & sour sauce & I asked for sour cream.

The bun was satisfactory making for a tasty tidbid but overall not a very memorable bread.Moving onto the radicchio this too came across overwhelming bitter .

Blackseed Burger

Blackseed BurgerBlackseed Burger With Chips Blackseed Cafe

I took home with me a box of Kwak scrolls which are finger licking good both fresh or microwaved for 30 sec, my favourites are Nutella & banana & cookies and cream

Red Velvet  & Chocolate Kwak Scrolls

Red Velvet & Chocolate Kwak Scrolls


Choc Coconut & Raspberry Scroll Blackseed Cafe

Choc Coconut & Raspberry Scroll

Cookies & Cream Scroll Blackseed Cafe

Cookies & Cream Scroll

Cookies & Cream Scroll

With the feel of an inner city cafe without the wait.Quality food this is just what this area needs.
There is a great cycling/walking/running trail nearby letting you burn off those scrolls in no time. 😉 Werribee Trail

Werribee Trail

Werribee River Running Trail

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Black Seed Cafe
133 Watton st


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