On any given day Melbourne provides us with opportunities to capture amazing food effigy’s for Instagram (the mouth watering, drool inducing kind)It would be very hard to capture all these moments in one day,but that won’t stop me from trying.

Today’s my Birthday and I’m on the hunt for the craziest looking Dessert Breakfast,Oasis Bakery’s Carnival Hotcakes are in my sights.

I really felt that romanticized middle Eastern market feel, when I first arrived, the hustle and bustle of people going about their business reminiscent of the scenes we have seen in the movies of the past.

Emad and Marwa Makool started there business in 1998 stocking middle eastern and Lebanese Food products.Since then the range has expanded vastly including the finest ingredients of both local and abroad,providing inspiration for your next culinary endeavor? I was amazed by the sheer variety of produce ,I have never seen a whole wall of different flavored Halva and Turkish delight. Hands down one of the best delicatessen grocery stores in Melbourne.The Oasis Bakery is located in Murrumbeena ,a short drive to the better beaches of Melbourne,so why not wander  to the seaside after eating your yummy food.

Onto the main reason I came to the cafe/bakery. Menu choices provided a varied range of wraps, Lebanese dishes,waffles,Melbourne styled breakfast items and smoothie bowls opening up a diverse and broad range that encompass the tastes for even the most discerning palate.

We ordered the

Carnival Hotcakes

Two buttermilk hotcakes, salted caramel sauce, honey popcorn, toasted marshmallow and fairy floss.

The hotcakes were rich and the synergistic relationship between the caramel sauce and dough assisted the overall hotcake from being dry and boring.Tho they are pleasing to the eye I still feel it needs cream or extra mascarpone to the existing dimension of taste.

Archie’s Avocado

Smashed avocado with feta & Oasis Bakery’s Archie’s Blend #2, charred corn, quinoa plus 2 poached eggs topped with dukkah and zaatar dressing.

A standard affair that had all the ingredients in the correct proportions, the quinoa was a great addition that helped make it stand out from its peers.I found the sourdough was rather chewy and my knife would also agree as I nearly flung it back to the chef when slicing into it.

The impression in the cafe/bakery differed from what we are used of experiencing ,but still offers great quality food like any other Melbourne cafe.

It’s hard to hold back when entering the grocery store section and refrain from buying everything!We spied a treasure trove of spices which is hard to miss covering more than a few isles.

In these situations one must control themselves and not to spend too much money.Guess what we failed HAH! We ended up buying “so called” essential household items which included Turkish Delight a Nougat Bar, Rosewater and Floral Essence Water among other things.

Moments before leaving Oasis Bakery I felt the familiar twinge of my chocolate receptors which directed me towards the patisserie cabinet.My choice came quick I’d be taking home the

Chocolate and Hazelnut Makroud

Baked sweet dough with chocolate and hazelnuts.

I thought it was nice but sadly I wouldn’t order it again as it did not meld with my Euro Polish palate

Challenge!Can you resist the scrumptious Lebanese pastries Baklava,or Turkish delight or walk away from the grocery store empty handed?Be sure to let us know.


Oasis Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Oasis Bakery

9/993 North Road


VIC 3163


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  1. For me it will be good to have a vacation in Melbourne because all the things you have showed us are amazing, thank u melbourne yum😘

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